4 oct. 2015

[BEAUTY] My fall skin routine

Dear Gals,

How are you ? I have so many things to say you... First... Thank you for all gals who wish me my birthday [It was the 24th september]. I've got gorgeous gifts, I'll show you in a next post. Suspense ~ *haha*
Fall is my favourite season, however, it's the start of many problems for me... Cold, redness, dry skin... My skin needs a nourishing routine.


I start to wash my face with " Super Cleansing Wash Hyaluronic Acid" by Kose Cosmeport Softymo. It's very soft for my face and adapted for all skins. I'm impressed to durability of this product. You need only a knob.
After that, I cool down my face with "The beauty Elixir" by Caudalie. [My favourite feeling of the morning]
I finish to apply a moisturizer by Mixa who reduce rednesses and calm my skin. Very effective and cheap. If I've a spot, I use the very effective "Tea Tree Blemish" by The Body Shop.


The most important step is the makeup removal.
First, I use my remover mascara by Heroine Make. Thank to this product, you don't damage your lashes. Then, I remove the oil with a cotton impregnated of micellar solution "Créaline H2O" by Bioderma.
When I finish to clean my eyes, I use a deep cleaning oil by Kose. This product is just amazing... My favourite after Bioderma. I finish to wash my face with my favourite soap with acid hyaluronic by Kose.
Before to sleep, I like to spray on my face a cornflower water. [The cornflower is ideal for sensitive skin end relieves puffiness ]. I finish to apply a rich moisturizer by Le Petit Olivier [For sensible and Dry skin]
One per week, I apply a mask. This moment, I use printed masks. *haha* [Check my post about this]

What is your skin routine ? What is your favourite product ? Do you have product for sensitive skin to advise me ?

Have a good week end, See you next week.

Kisses & Hugs,

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Beauty Unearthly a dit…

Loved your detailed post.

B Ramida a dit…



Snow Rii a dit…

I use completely different skincare products to you xD
I use many different products too, but I'll have to blog it up sometime cause I don't remember everything I use ^^;

Alluring Alyss a dit…

Great post~! I love hearing about other people's skin care routine <33


lazuli rondoudou a dit…

Love Caudalie products!!! need to stock on them when I'm in France next month lol
I use the softymo deep cleansing oil and bioderma micellar solution too but I just have a different order: cleansing oil > shower (face wash) > micellar solution XD
that cornflower water looks awesome btw^^

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