6 sept. 2015

[THROWBACK] My Last Youtube video...

Hi Gals,

How are you today ? I don't have Internet for the moment... I don't know when I'll find a good connexion. That's why, I didn't publish last week & why I publish a little article this week. That's the same problem for my Youtube video. I don't know if I'll publish my video next week... 

So... I wanted to do a little throwback with my last Youtube video. Enjoy ~

☆ Photoshoot for Gal Vip

It's a little vlog during a photoshoot for Gal Vip with my love, Ly. One of these pictures are selected for the summer cover of Gal Vip. The weather was perfect for a April month. We have so much fun, sunburn & and lot of falls. I can to say you : It's very complicated to have a perfect hairdo with the wind & the sand... You can buy the copy of the summer edition on Gal Vip website.


☆ Enlarge your look in Asia (Japan, Korea & China)

I present the techniques in Asia to enlarge the look : Chirurgy, eyetape, stickers... Not really common in Europe because we don't have the same criterions beauty.


☆ The Bertie Botts challenge

My husband & I tasted the famous sugar almonds of Harry Potter world. A lot of giggles & earwax. If you never eat foie gras and you ask you what is the taste. Ask to my husband... I'm not sure that the answer delight you

You can follow me on Youtube Here. Take care of you and maybe... See you next week ~

Kisses & Hugs,


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