14 juin 2015

[DIY] Kawaii Brushes Storage Space

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a good week end !! Today, a new DIY to give a chance to save your money *haha*.  I created a brushes storage space with two old cutlery storage spaces. [From Ikea, bought five years ago]

 You need :

- A storage space for your brushes,
- Spray Paint,
- Rhinestone, pearls, charms... [I bought the pearls for 2€ the package]
- A strong glue.

Before / After two coats
Apply your spray paint on all the item. To don't have drips, You must apply your paint always in movement. For a intense & uniform color, apply two coats of color. [Respect the time of drying - See the instruction on the package].
Beware, use the paint spray in outside. It's very toxic !

I've chosen pearls for a Kawaii style. 

Take your charms, rhinestones, pearls... And place them on your item. When you are satisfied of the placement, glue them. Let dry all a day. 

In my swap with Tam, I've got leather bows. I used them for my future storage space. It's a good finishing touch... And I'm done ! 

Go out your creativity & Do it yourself. Don't forget to show me your creations. Take care of you my lovelies. Don't miss all news on my facebook page

Kisses & Hugs,

3 commentaires:

Ophelia of Harts a dit…

This is so cute, I need bigger storage for my brushes, this would be perfect to do!

Ly☆ a dit…

C'est une très bonne idée ma roussinette, et ta version est tellement mignonne!! Je la garde dans un coin de ma tête!^^ Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto!!! Je t'aime fort!!


Cute :)
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Maria V.

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