1 avr. 2015

[TAG] My virtual life

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? That's a moment that I thought to create a new tag on Youtube. I worked on 10 questions with the theme "my virtual life". My video is in french & questions too... BUT I would like that all my readers do this Tag [on your blog or Youtube channel]. 

I wanted to share a piece of me ☆ 

1. Your first computer ?
2. What are the things who irritate you on internet ?
3. What is your favourite "meme" ?
4. How many time you stay on internet per day ?
5. What is your favourite activities on internet ?
6. What is your favourites on your quick bar ?
7. Your Desktop : messy or tidy ?
8. Are you a geek ?
9. Mac or Pc ?
10. Are you on social networks ? [List them] 

Don't hesitate to do this tag & to share me ~. I'll be very glad to see all your video or blog post. Don't forget to cite me [twitter, facebook, youtube...] for to read your tag. Have a very good week & see you sunday. Take care of you ~

Kisses & Hugs,

2 commentaires:

Ophelia of Harts a dit…

Hiii ♥ you look amazing in the video c: unfortunatly I don't speak french but it looks like such a fun tag!

Clairey xx

Lan a dit…

such a nice video! I really like your blog. You look gorgeous!


~~ ~~