22 mars 2015

[REVIEW] DollyEye Bling13 Pink - LensVillage


Create a perfect look with  our range of DollyEye. DollyEye is manufactured by well-known and reliable circle lens manufacturer,  Dueba & EOS and branding under DollyEye name. A wide variety selection includes twirl, glowing and diamond series look amazing at your eyes  and absolutely stunning at any occasion. Twilight series is a favorite lens among cosplay players. The rich colors  cover your iris with captivating color. - LensVillage


This is pink circle lens with a particular design : There are points around link by segments and finished by a black circle. This design is very particular for a natural effect. However, I like this mesmerizing look when I wear it.

Good new if you need a sight correction. You can correct 00.00 to -10.00 [Right & Left]. It's easy to wear and to put in your eyes. The comfort is nice.

The diameter is 14,8 mm ; a good base to enlarge your look. The design adds a very nice effet "trompe l'oeil". The look is intense & bigger.

My impression of these circle lens is reserved. I like the design & the color but I think the color don't suit me. [Dark & soft makeup] Maybe it's a circle lens who can suit to blue eyes. If you're interrested by this cute pink cirle lens, you can buy it on the LensVillage webshop - 19,50$

Like or not ? Take care of you & See you next week ~

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2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I absolutely love the colour of these lenses <3

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Kuro > yeah it's a very sweet color but don't suit me =(

~~ ~~