29 mars 2015

[LIFESTYLE] Gyaru Problems #2

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? Remember, no gals are perfect, we all have problems ! If you miss the first post ; click here cuties. [Beware, this post must be read with humor] Let's get started ~ 

Take hours for your hairdo...

Meeting day ! You want to be perfect [nail art, makeup, best outfit...]. You reflect during 3 weeks before the event about your hairstyle. In your dream, this is THE perfect hairdo. You get up at 5 O'Clock to be sure to be perfect but... Nothing will happen as planned.
You don't have the curls expected, the backcombing looks like shit & you take 3 hours on a rebel strand of hair. 
Finally ? You put a wig or you smooth your hair. All of that to be disheveled by the wind. 

◥ Solitude

You live in countryside, the population of cows is higher than humans. No Gals, No Gyaru circle. Your anthem is "All by myself of Céline Dion" & you do shopping online. Nobody understand your passion & nobody to discuss except your cat who doesn't give a fuck of your life. Welcome, you're on the solitude zone. Join me !

◥ When people say "Gyaru style is dead"

Well... Gyaru is "has been", there are no magazine now, no gyaru in shibuya... You surely already listen these words. I'll tell you : These people are toxics. Accept your "old school" part, it's your right. We don't have the obligation to follow the trend. If you keep the love in your style, it's the most important. Nobody must say you the contrary. ["... We'll be back, soon..."]

◥ Gyaru Secret

Gyaru Secret is a gal problem. The first rule when you post a secret is to add these words on the picture of a gal you don't like [You can choose more than one word] :
''...Fat, Ugly, Bitch, Cow, Not gyaru, Shit...''
The Intelligente criticisms doesn't exist. You understood, this is the most coward & stupide technique to show your jealousy. I have the solutions : start to live & stop to stalk gaijin gyaru.

The principal rule in gyaru world is to laugh of yourself. Stop to be serious & enjoy your life ! See you the next week & Take care of your my lovelies ~

Kisses & Hugs,

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Kayima a dit…

"The principal rule in gyaru world is to laugh of yourself. Stop to be serious & enjoy your life ! See you the next week & Take care of your my lovelies ~"
This should be for everyone (gyaru, harajuku, alternative...) <3

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Kayima > Yeah !! Totally agree <3 !!

Jenna H. a dit…

Cute post! The Ursula gif is perfect! lol
-Jenna <3
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Kayla a dit…

I loved that post. I will keep being gyaru!

lazuli rondoudou a dit…

Gyaru is not dead...it is sleepy^o^//

Kieli Heart a dit…

I love you for this post. I'm originally a Lolita slowly making my way over to Gyaru and really needed to hear this. Thank you <3

Wonderholic 姫 a dit…

Thank you for such a good post! So useful and inspiring!


Anonyme a dit…

I Hope im gyaru enough and pretty.. im asian and I realize I am a begin..er... ._.
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~~ ~~