5 oct. 2014

[LIFESTYLE] See You Soon Corsica

Hi Gals !

How are you ? You miss me so much !! I came back from Corsica. Two weeks of happiness ! I rested and I reflected for new articles for my blog and my Youtube Channel. [Follow here]. I don't want to write a novel about my vacation, I summarize it in 10 points.

1. I crossed all the south of France with a lot of incidents
- An "Airbus a380"convoys until Toulouse ~ 1 hour of delay
- On the Highway, a driver took the wrong way at 4 O'clock ~ Fear of year
- My credit card was stuck in a toll machine ~ 1 hour of delay
Fortunately, I arrived to Toulon to get on board on the boat.

The boat - Corsica Ferries
2. When I arrived in Corsica, I wanted to take the letters in the mailbox for my parents. That's a 
surprise to see a big hive of wasps. I closed the mailbox quietly. I wanted to scream, to cry and run far far far away but no word goes out of my mouth.

3. I did my baptism of scuba diving. I could touch a lot of colorful fishes♥ ~

4. A minute of silent for people who move in Bonifacio. [However, the landscapes are amazing]

5. For my birthday, my husband gave me the best present of my life. horse-riding on the beach & on the maquis. The name of my horse is Saledge and it's a guzzler.


6. I eat a lot of foods : meats, cheeses, beers... That's a unique moment when we could go to the restaurant. I bought some "Pietra" beers, a beer with chestnut.

7. I went to the beach without parasol and I didn't burn *Yay*. That's amazing to swin in a turquoise water with a lot of fishes who follow you.

Transparent & Turquoise water

8. The fuel & the food are very very very expensive. 

9. My favourite goodies : a wild board teddy & a corsica gold necklace.

10. Now, I can to say that I saw the river "La Baïse" [Like "The Fück" in english] & the city "condom".
The view from my parents' apartment

I had a good holiday. Now, I'm back to write new articles on my blog each sunday. You can see a new design for my blog. I needed change. What do you think about my "rokku" layout ? 
Moreover, you can see a new part "About". I'll update regularly this part - So don't hesitate to ask me questions

See you next Sunday, 

Kisses & Hugs,

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Kate I a dit…

wonderful photos:) nice post! please visit me in free time:) http://mesmerize87.blogspot.com/

Sarah a dit…

cute new blog design! also your trip looked like it was fun. i'm pretty amped up for my trip now after seeing yours! i'll be flying around asia soon! can't wait~ looking forward to your sunday posts.

xoxo Sarah
Xlicious Girl Blog
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Kate I a dit…

great photos:)! please visit me in free time:) http://mesmerize87.blogspot.com/

Ti a dit…

Lovely pictures :)

Ly☆ a dit…

Tes photos me font rêver ma poupette! Il t'en est arrivé des aventures avant d'arriver! Heureusement tu t'es bien rattrapé ensuite! La mer turquoise et la plongée en Corse j'ai trouvé ça magique! Et la ballade à cheval devait juste être féerique! Il me tarde de te voir que tu me racontes tout ça plus en détails. En tout cas, merci pour ce superbe reportage photos! Et sinon je surkiffe ton nouveau layout : rock et féminin, parfaitement à ton image <3 Je t'aime ma roussinette d'amour!!

~~ ~~