4 juin 2014

[HAUL] Shoppingaholic ~

Dear Gals,

I made some craziness in may. I bought a lot of clothes & acessories that I want to show you [Before to forget *again*]. 

2 days ago, I received my black dress from Glavil ! I'm impressed about the comfort of this dress. [Or long shirt, that's depending your point of view] The white shirt with little cross studs is a off Brand. That looks like a shirt from Ghost of Harlem [Click on the link]

The first picture is a top from Glad News. It's a good deal on mbok, I bought it only 8€. There was little holes that I repaired easily when I received it. [Glad to have sewing notions] I'm in love of the pattern. I'm in love of the pattern rose & skull. [Yay, I've a scarf in the same style *haha*]

The second picture, is my last buy that you can see on my last wishlist. I found it on a fair. That's a kimono in silk. Very confortable and trend, I prefer to shift this piece with a casual outfit.

This two jewelleries is a set I found on the same fair. I don't want to wear the set together for not have a total look. The earring is very glamor with a onee outfit and the crown necklace most for a ageha outfit.

A the moment in Claire's, There are a collection of accessories by Katy Perry. I bought a pair of  cats glasses. It's cute, wild & sexy, isn't it ?
To stay on a feline theme, I get a lion necklace, very bling bling for a cool outfit.

Take care of you,

Kisses & Hugs,

8 commentaires:

Lizzy Kong a dit…

I like everything n.n but Im in love with the pink roses dress

Rinako Camellia a dit…

Sucha great haul! I love the dress! :)

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PaTinka's World a dit…

sunglasses super cute!
for a cat woman :P

Molly Mac a dit…

Great haul! I love the white top with the crosses. Lovely blog. Just followed! :)


Turkusoowa a dit…

cats glasses so cute!<3

Honey Tan @ www.ihearthoneytan.com a dit…

The jewelry very CUTEEEEE! :D

Mielle Loves a dit…

I like everything especially the sunglasses!!:)

Would you like to follow eachother via GFC? Please let me know if you are interested in!:)



Ly☆ a dit…

Whouahhh un gros coup de cœur pour le kimono! Et les bijoux sont top, ils me font penser à la nouvelle collection de bijoux Brigitte. Les lunettes sont vraiment extras, fais gaffe je risque de te les piquer la prochaine fois qu'on se verra!! Bisous ma poulette rousse!!

~~ ~~