23 mars 2014

[TUTORIEL] Nail Art #1

Hi Gals !

How are you this sunday ? I feel well, I'm on vaccation at my parents. Today, I went on the convention "Clermont Geek" with my husband & my brother. I'll show you some pictures ! I prepared an outfit for this day & a simple nail art. I like to keep the comfort, I've a lot of accessories. *haha* So, I'll show you the step & the design of my nail art. [I'll try to do more complex nail on a next update] 

Materials :

- O.P.I Nail lacquer [Malaga Wine]
- Maybelline Nail Polish lacquer [n°800 Gris Couture]
- Studs from Claire [3€95]
- False Nails from Claire's [6€95 - 24 nails]

The first step, I added a base and two coats of nail lacquers. I apply the grey nail lacquer on all the nail, except the 4th finger ; I apply a wine color.

The second step, I chose the studs to design my nails. I glued a long stud for the thumb, and a square studs for the another grey nails. I glued on the base of the nail.
The red nails, I chose a square stud & I used a old pair of spider earrings. I placed the square stud on the top and the spider on the base of the nail.  

See you the next week,

Take Care of You,

Kisses & Hugs,

4 commentaires:

Lizzy Kong a dit…

I love the nails! <3 great job


Ly☆ a dit…

C'est super joli ma Ninichoute! Et je retiens l'idée du recyclage de boucle d'oreille! Trop hâte de voir les photos de la convention et de ton outfit! <3

Anita Musi a dit…

I love the style of the nails.

Chloé a dit…

C'es super joli, j'ai bien envie de tester le même :)

~~ ~~