5 janv. 2014

[UNPACKING] Japanese Foods & Cosmetics

Dear Gals,

How are You ? I made a new video about a package I received few days ago. I would like to thanks Sanagi Atelier [Click on the link to see her creations !!]. She creates false nails, clothes, accessories. She is inspired by Japanese Culture.

During her travel, she gave the possibility for her followers to have a box with a particular theme. Unfortunately, that's a  exeptionnal service because she come back to France soon ! 

You can see my unpacking in this video. [French video] I'm really crazy. When I'm happy, I feel a little stupid. [Just a little]

I could test [Yes, I say a lot of this word] some japanese foods. I can to say more about it.

◥ Pocky - Mix of chocolate et Green Tea [绿茶]

I like pocky, Green tea is a new flavor I taste. I like the mix between chocolate & Green Tea. It's special, it's new. Perfect for a break.

◥ Jelly of Konjac "white peach" [コンニャク]

Well, Ok, I was wrong especially since I had a letter about it. After some research, this product is not a jam but it's a Jelly of konjac. After the warning of the creator, I wanted to know more. Indeed, there is a risk of suffocation. This is a reason which it's not selling in Europe.

It's a diet product popular in Japan. It's low or without calorie. This product have the effect to satisfy. Un  good discovery, I want it in my diet routine.

◥ Kiki & Lala konpeitō candys.

The Little Twin Stars Kiki & Lala : It's the famous characters in Japan. It's a pack of konpeitō. It's sugar lightly flavored with a stars form. It's really special to eat. I've the feeling to eat white sugar.

◥ Pocky Panda

Cute pocky panda with a chocolate biscuit & coating cream. I like it. [Oh oh I'll take weight] Howerver, I prefer Green Tea Pocky.

◥ Dorachoco (Dorayaki Chocolate)

It's Japanese pancake sandwich with chocolate custard. Dorayaki is a Japanese traditional dessert [& the favourite dessert of Doraemon]  . It exist a version with maple syrup.

A lot of discovery for today and it was interesting to know more about  japanese food speciality. Unfortunately, It's a little part of japanese food. Thank you again Sanagi Atelier to give me this lucky. 

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Senchihiro a dit…

Superbe colis!!! Ca donne trop envie ^^

lovepirate a dit…

At frist, Happy New Year to you! ^-^

Ahh, lucky you. I love Pocky. *_* I recently just ordered some Japanese sweets and snacks and I can't wait to receive my package. >w< Your post makes me really looking forward to it!

Morgana Le Fay a dit…

Everything is super cute! *u* And I love that red-panda (¿? by the way that's his name in spanish ;))!!! xxx

M+K a dit…

Great post and video! Pocky is honestly one of our favourite loves!! They're the perfect snack :)


eyeloveeyecatcher a dit…

Hahaha :D what a funny video love it !! :)


twoplicates a dit…

i love eating random japanese food! the green tea pocky looks amazing *drools*

♥ M&L twoplicates

~~ ~~