18 janv. 2014

[MEETING] Fun & Fat Day

Dear Gals,
How are you ? I feel good.  I want to pass good moments these last days. I went to Bordeaux to see one of my best friend, Ly before she leaves for Brest.This is moment when you realize : You live once. Enjoy with your friends. Show her how much you love your friends. I feel so alone without them.

I'm so glad to see her, She miss me so much since she moved to "Bretagne". I miss Natalie too, she couldn't see us because of her work. 

So, what we did this day ? Gossip, Shopping, Eating, laughing and shooting. 

Outfit of The Day

 I take the tramway for the first time, I didn't see Serge the llama =(. We meet at "Place de la Bourse". Good memories at this place [The recording for Kawai International].
We sent to Fufu, a wonderful japanese restaurant. [Cheap & So Good] It's this moment when you need to realize. Japanese food it's not only sushi !!

I like to do Shopping in Bordeaux.We walked on the St Catherine street with its many luxuries shops.  There are all my favourites shops. [Mac *forever*] I didn't buy so many things. We bought accessories : "Wing" rings & "Wing" earrings.  I bought a shiny mac lipstick. [That's an obligation to buy something at Mac]

I'll show you too some accessories I bought at H&M Bayonne. Gold chains rings & Cross earrings. Don't know why, when I was young, I hate the gold. And now... I adore it... Nothing to understand... *haha*

We took a break at a Cofee Shop and did some pictures at  "Place de la Bourse". I'm really sad of the bad luminosity & weather for the photo. Nevermind, I have a good moment with Céline.

My diet hate me. We went at "Madison" a wonderful shop with a lot of cupcakes. It's difficult to eat it, that's so cute. Isn't it ?

A Gals meeting is organised during the Toulouse Game Show in April. I hope to be present and see a lot of you. I reflected to organise a meeting in Paris for Japan Expo [With GalsGalsRevolution team]. What do you think about it ?

Kisses & Hugs,

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Ramida Dusdeevutikul a dit…

cool pics! Nice post!


Tofu Dachi a dit…

looks like so much fun!! Love your outfit too ^^


Rinako グレー a dit…

Beautiful photos! I love your outfit! ♡♡♡

✿ Rinako ✿

Aleena a dit…


lovepirate a dit…

Your girls looked so cute! :3 I'm glad you were able to spend a nice day with your friend. <3
Friends are indeed very important, aren't they? I love mine so much and wouldn't know what to do without them. ^^"

Pippa Mounsey a dit…

Love the jumper! x


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