1 janv. 2014

☆彡 新年あけましておめでとうございます !!

Dear Gal,

I wish you a Happy New Year. Take Care of You and I hope you'll have success for 2014. Believe in you, Work hard, Be cool & Stay nice. 
After to do the point about 2013, I'll think for the future. I make a tag : It's the time for the resolutions ! 

Ten resolutions

1. To travel a week end with my Husband,
2. See more my friends,
3. Improve my makeup & My hairstyle,
4. Make more video on Youtube,
5. Move my ass & Do more sport,
6. No procrastination,
7. Have my exam [To be incumbent]
8. Exchange with International Gals
9. Loose weight [I'll do a resum about my diet]
10. Do better than 2013... [Click]

I tag all my friends & my Readers. Make your resolutions ❤  !!

Kisses & Hugs

3 commentaires:

Ly☆ a dit…

Encore bonne année ma roussinette chérie!!! Moi aussi je veux te voir plus souvent! Vivement vendredi prochain d'ailleurs!

Airu a dit…

This is very interesting resolutions. :) I don't have resolutions for 2014. Your blog is interesting. ^^ And I follow yours blog.


Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Ly > Oui Oui oui ! Ly&Nini chante du Disney !

@Airu > Thank You <3. Resolutions is not an obligation ! If you made it, you must to suceed it. Haha

~~ ~~