12 nov. 2013

[EVENT] Just Married ♥ ♥

Dear Gals,

1 month ago, the 12th october 2013, I was married to the man of my life. I take this moment to show you some pictures. I present to you the best day of my life.

◥ The dress

Rings & Flowers

◥ The castle
◥ The wedding room

◥ My nail art : 4 hours, make by Natalie. A lot of patience for this result.

I would like to thank you so much all my friends, Myriam, Natalie & Céline to help me, to support me. Despite, the distance she was present to my wedding. I love them so much.

See you soon Gals,

Love You ♥,


17 commentaires:

Nissah Bella a dit…

félication ma belle que du bonheur!! gros bisous

moeri's story a dit…

Encore toutes mes felicitations ma cherie!! Je suis tres heureuse pour toi et te souhaite tout le meilleur du monde. Xoxo

SteamFairy a dit…

What a pretty bride you were *^*
You looked sooo happy.
Congratulations and I wish you both just the best :3

Mello a dit…

Félicitation !!! Trés jolie mariée :)

Batbutt a dit…

Congrats! So teary eyed right now. T__T

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Thank You - Merci All of you <3 <3 <3

Eugenie a dit…

Félicitation, tu as ete une tres jolie mariée, et ce devait etre un bon moment !

Par contre tu es polygame ? "I was married to the men of my life" !! ;)

Astralys Alias Nini a dit…

Eugenie > Merci <3. Han gosh, je n'avais même pas fait gaffe... Bon on va dire que je suis mariée à mon mari et mon chien. Ça compte ? =D

✿Rin✿ a dit…

Félicitations aux nouveaux mariés ! :-) Plein de bonheur à vous !

Monica Andrea a dit…

BEAUTIFUL ceremony! love the nailz

Melle Racha a dit…

félicitation ma belle, je vous souhaite énormément de bonheur !

vive les mariés <3

milles bisous

Irena D world a dit…

wow look at your dress
you look amazing



Manpreet a dit…

Hey!! Lovely blog...
Follow each other?? let me know will follow back ^_^


Bun-Bun Hunni a dit…

Awww congrats! ^^

Best of luck w/ everything in the future for you both!

following you now~ Add me too!


Anna a dit…

You are a lovely bride! Congratulations! ^.^

Mango a dit…

You look amazing!! Congrats! I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!!

xoxo, Mango ❤
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Vivid a dit…

Wow! It's so beautiful... You look fantastic! Best wishes for you and your husband! : )

~~ ~~