30 nov. 2013

[HAUL] Trend & my Favourites

Dear Gals,

How are You ? I didn't do a Haul since a long time . I should to do more often : I've many things to show you. That's a piece of my purchases.

I'm starting with a purchase to a best friend, Myriam. It's a dress & a vest from DaTuRa. (& a lot of goodies *-*). The dress is a basic for a Onee Gyaru. The pastel colour give a wise style.

I did a fitting and try for coordinate the dress. I'll do better for the next fitting. I think put a black wide-brimmed hat with black boots. [Or Brown, I need to try]

I follow the last gyaru fashion trends. Expecially, the trend of short t-shirt. I know, that's curious trend for this season. However, with a good coordination, this is so cool. It's add a special touch to a outfit. I like to wear it with a high-waisted pants or high-waisted long skirt.

On the first picture, that's my shopping from Tokyo Crazy Kawaii. A beanie from "Baby Shoop" & a short t shirt from Glad News [My favourite].
The second picture, it's two T-shirt from "Pimkie". The shortest  "full creative" and the normal "Geek".

I like to wear my T-shirt "Full creative" as casual style with a beanie, a destroyed jeans and spiked pumps. [Actually, I think to wear this style maybe for the next spring. I'm cold *haha*]

The last purchase, it's not a purchase but the most important of this article. That's a gift from my husband for Christmas. My Iphone 4 was out of service last month. So, my husband went to buy it a new dream smartphone : The Iphone 5C. [Yeah, I'm a fuc**ng Lover of Apple]

I'm so in love of her pink colour. The quality of the pictures, the fast connecting, a lot of options, Siri [Yeah², when i'm bored I talk to SIRI]... It's my new baby.

That's all for today ! I come back soon for new reviews. Take care of you & Stay tuned. Love U Gals ~

Kisses & Hugs,

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Ryo a dit…

Très jolie ♥

Bon, au plaisir un jour d'avoir une petite réponse :D

Allez bisous XoXo

Eugenie a dit…

J'adore le look avec le teeshirt full creative et le bonnet, ca te va trop bien !

✞. Alexi Baby a dit…


Tu as été gentillement taguée par moi pour le LIEBER AWARD.

Toutes les infos sont ici : http://suchafuckingirl.blogspot.fr/2013/12/au-secours-jai-ete-taguee-lieber-award.html

Hot little white dress a dit…

love your blog!!!=)

Sarah a dit…

that beanie is so cute! and yes you should do more haul posts more often :D

haha makes me feel less guilty for shopping, lol~

xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
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りあ★ a dit…

i like the beanie! actually i like that brand too >w<

Angel Mariel a dit…

Hi Astralys! Nice outfit and cool makeup! (^_^) Thanks for visiting and following my blog. (^_^) I have followed your blog, too. :) -Angel Mariel of myangelmariel.blogspot.com

~~ ~~