25 oct. 2015

[HAUL] Amazing Birthday gifts

Dear Gals,

How are you my lovelies ? I'm sooooo sorry to didn't post last week. As promise, I publish my birthday's haul. The 24th september, It was my birthday. It's always an amazing day that I pass with my friends & my family. Thank you again, to all of you to wish my birthday. I received so gorgeous gifts. 

☆ Light Ring

In my cave, I need light. You know now my desire to improve the quality of my pictures & my videos. I really wanted this light ring. Yes, not very girly but just practical.

☆ Too Faced "Boudoir Eyes"

Please !! When I saw the Ly's palette, I was falling in love. I already a lot of palette but this palette... It's one of my favourite FOREVER. Now I use it everyday. I let you imagine my happiness to have this gift.

☆ Glavil Pink Dress

I don't know why I've an obsession with pink color. I've flashed on this Glavil dress. I'm glad to add a colour touch in my showroom. 70% of my wardrobe are black. A little sad... Maybe a new resolution of 2016 ?

☆ Instax Mini 8 

A wonderful, amazing gift of my gals Natalie & Ly. I wanted to cry of hapiness. That's the most pretty gift of the world. Now, I want a picture of all events with my family & my friends. I need to buy new films, I would like cute films. If you've good adresses, websites, anything. Please tell me. 
You can notice that I customized it to add a princess touch. *haha*

☆ DaTura "Fluffy" Vest

A gorgeous gift of my husband. I can describe you my face when I see this vest for the first time. When you wear it, You are so class... Even if you wear your pajama, a jogging or a plastic bag. Class in every circumstances.

I'm so lucky, isn't it ? I was so busy with my work & I went out to many events... I didn't have times to do a lot of articles & videos. I think to do a little blogpost about these events.

If there is an event to don't miss... It's my future giveaway on my Youtube channel for my 500 followers. Thank you so much to support me. ♥ Stay Tuned, The giveway is coming soon.

2 commentaires:

Ly☆ a dit…

Rohhhh ma louloute! On fini par avoir énoooooormément de choses en commun! Je suis d'accord avec toi, la palette Too Faced est une tuerie, l'Instax est une tuerie et la veste Datura est une tuerie! lol Ca y est, j'ai reçu la mienne en blanc et tu as raison, elle te donne un aire classe et kawaii, même si tu es en pauvresse en dessous! Vite, à nous les twin selfies avec cette beauté! Je t'aime fort ma rousse, vivement notre prochaine pétasse day!

Annouschka S a dit…

You're so lucky to have gotten all those beautiful gifts! Especially the Datura poncho <3

~~ ~~