11 oct. 2015

[EVENT] Ideas for Halloween

Hi Gals,

How are you. Yes, I know it's not my birthday haul... I'm waiting a package before to show you this haul. Be patiente, and please forgive me. [Kiss ?] 

I would like to writte an article in link with my halloween makeup tutorial. If you miss it, you can watch it below : 

I wanted to keep my gyaru side and add a gory touch. I found my inspiration in a japanese legend : Kuchisake-onna. [Like a "Joker smile" if you prefer] If you don't already do, Follow me on my Youtube Channel

So, I return to the subject of this article. I list to you some ideas of gyaru outfit for Halloween. Let's start spam pictuuures ~

☆ Disney Costume

☆ Policemen vs Prisoners

☆ Animals

☆ Demons

☆ Nurse [... With blood or not]

☆ Military

Tell me gals, what's your favourite outfit ? What are you doing during Halloween ? Take care of you, see you next week... [With maybe my haul *haha*]

Kisses & Hugs,

4 commentaires:

lazuli rondoudou a dit…

your Halloween makeup video is so creepy!!! XDD
as for Japanese Halloween cosplay I think they aren't creepy at all but very bloody ;D
my fav costume in your selection would be the bloody sexy nurse - maybe XD
not sure what I'm going to be this year^^;;

Anonyme a dit…

I love the disney and demon ones <3
I'm going as a witch this year myself

Beauty Unearthly a dit…

Nice selection!

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Lazuli > Yes... I'm f*cking creepy everyday *hahaha*. Yes japanese girls like to be cute, even for halloween. I like your choice, maybe because I'm a nurse... [Not bloody off course] Kisses <3

@Kuro > Yes, Can't wait to see your pictures !! I don't know what I'll wear...

@Beauty Unearthly > Thank You !!

~~ ~~