15 sept. 2015

[WISHLIST] New collections of Fall 2015

Dear Gals,

How are you ? Agepoyo ~ ☆, I've got internet ! ... The fault of this house of hell. I can't wait to move to my new house. So, I prepared a lot of articles in advance. 

September is here, It's my favourite month. [Soon, It's especially my Birthday *haha*]. The fall collections are available in a lot of webshops, so I prepared my "little" wishlist for this fall.


1. DaTura Vest ; Glavil pink dress ; Galeo white parka ; Ghost of Harlem dress

I selected a little part of clothes : The fall collection are absolutely gorgeous
1 - DaTura is more and more popular with its printed of roses. However, my big crush is a large black vest with fur and jewels. 
2 - Rokku style is my life, but this moment, I prefer to add a touch of pink. I like the association of pink color and rokku printed. 
3 - I know, this vest is out of stock. I search everywhere to find this white vest (Shoppies, Mbok...). It's a very hard task. If a person who have this vest and see this post, please contact me. I want this vest SO MUCH
4 - Ghost of harlem, my love of brand. I like this dress, It gives the impression to have a scarf... and the long sleeves are perfect for fall.


1. One Spo earring ; 2. Necklace of pearls ; 3. Glavil boots ; 4. Necklace "clef"

1 - One Spo is a fantasy brand, I respect its creativity. Nobody can't say "these earring aren't cute" when you see them ! 
2 - This necklace of pearl is so chic in all circumstance. I need it to complete my ageho collection
3 - Well, I can't explain how I adore these boots. I think to wait the sales to buy them. 
4 - A necklace with a clef, a lily flower and a skull... The story of my life.


Itcosmetics "bye bye under eye" ; Too Faced "Born this way" ; Too Faced "Boudoir Eyes" ; CoverGirl "Star Wars Collection"
1 - I discovered this concealer thanks to Nikkie and her amazing makeup. It's a concealer who are perfect for light skin like me with a very good cover. My next order with shipito. 
2 - I need to try a new foundation with a good coverage but without a mask effect. This foundation has very good feedbacks. 
3 - Since I tried it thank to my bae Ly, I fall in love of the shades. 
4 - The collection the most inaccessible of my life. I would like to try some of lipstick as the gold or the purple one. And You ?


Semny battery ; Fujifilm instax ; Light ring 
1 - I need a battery for my phone. I'm tired to never have battery. Maybe I should stop to use my iphone so much ? *haha* The gadget by semny is just... So cute, perfect for a gal's bag. 
2 - This is the gadget to immortalize good moments. I would like to do a big board to decorate my living room. 
3 - After the umbrellas, I need more lights for photos for Gal Vip & my youtube video. I hope to offer you more quality of pictures.

And you Gals ? What is your wishlist for this fall

Kisses & Hugs,

4 commentaires:

Kassidy K. a dit…

I've heard really good things about Too Faced's Born This Way foundation! A lot of people seem to like it and it gives a skin-like finish which looks so natural.

Ahhh those Glavil boots are so gorgeous!!!

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Kassidy Yes !! Too Faced is a very good brand, I can't wait to try it ! The glavil boots is just gorgeous but soooo expensive, I don't know how much cost me the shipping to France... =(

Ly☆ a dit…

Ta wishlist me fait rêver! Je suis tombée amoureuse de Datura et je surkiffe leurs vestes en fourrure (qui n'étaient pas encore sorties quand je suis allée au Japon! grrr). Et coup de coeur aussi pour les boucles d'oreilles One spo! Bonne idée de faire sa wishlist avant son anniversaire! Je pars faire la mienne! lol
Gros bisous ma belle, tu me manques

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Ly > La wishlist avant mon anniversaire ? Noooon je ne suis pas comme ça... (bon allez disons que c'est purement stratégique mdr)
J'attends de voir la tienne héhéhé. La collection d'Autonome est vraiment CANONNISSIME, je veux TOUT !

Gros Bisous, tu me manque fort <3

~~ ~~