20 sept. 2015

[REVIEW] Printed Mask - Dog, Cat, Tiger, Panda

Dear Gals, 

How are you today ? Today, I'm glad to see my gals for a new convention "Manga Dax". I can't wait to show you this event. I'll try to do a little vlog

If you follow me on snapchat, you maybe can see this picture...

Sexy isn't it ? It's a new trend in asia. After a white beauty mask, you can wear a beauty mask with a very fun print. You must to publish a selfie with your mask on Instagram or Snapchat. 

Join the movement  #maskrevolution

There are a lot of style of mask. The most of them are from SNP (Korea) & Pure Smile (Japan). You can buy it on Sasa.com or Imomoko.com. It's cheap and very funny for a pajama party. *haha* 

Pure Smile

I wanted to tried so much. So, my gorgeous Ly sent me some of these masks during her trip in Japan. I published a review video on Youtube, I tried the panda mask. It's so cool, if you don't see my video, check it out now. I add english subtitle. [Follow me and add a thumbs up, if you like it !]

I tested the panda mask from SNP. [See the review on Youtube] The following day of the test, my skin is radiante, smooth and poreless. No, my skin is not whiter than the day before. Don't worry, the rednesses after I remove the mask were shaded off with time. I've the weird impression to have less imperfections. I don't know if it's because of the mask.

What do you think about this ? Do you already tried this ? Which one do you want to try ? Tell me by comment. 

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8 commentaires:

Ly☆ a dit…

Mais comme tu es kawaii avec ce masque panda!!! ^^ J'adore ta review, elle est mignonne et rigolote, c’est tout toi! ;) J'ai cherché partout pour te trouver ces masques, et la prochaine fois, je t'en ramène encore plus!! Commence à faire ta liste dès maintenant!^^ Des bisous ma roussinette <3 <3 <3

Sion Kei a dit…

Ahhh C'est trop mignon! J'aimerais essayer aussi lol

Marina T. Firefly a dit…

I think these masks are so cute! <3 I'd like to try them!

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Ly > TU as vu comment j'ai trop le swag ? Je sors comme ça dans la rue, même pas peur ! Ma liste est bien au chaud, elle t'attend héhéhé xD. Gros bisous ma blonde <3

@Sion > Oui c'est trop chouuu !! Il y a pas si longtemps c'était chiant pour s'en procurer mais maintenant tu as au moins Imomoko et Sasa pour faire le plein !! Avec le selfie =p.

@Marina > Yes it is haha <3. try with your friends, it will be more funny <3.

Lizzie ♥ a dit…

Oh my gosh these are amazing, I have to get one!

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Lizzie > *-* yes !! Which one ? Lizzie Panda !!

lazuli rondoudou a dit…

I love those masks. I bought my first from Etude House so I guess it's my favorite brand for sheet masks but I want to try the printed ones because it's very funny ;DD
You look cute with your panda face <3

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Lazuli > Thank you darling <3. You need try printed masks just one time ! It's really funny & amazing. (Don't forget to show me your face when you'll try it =p)
Kisssseees !!

~~ ~~