23 sept. 2015

[FASHION] 小悪魔 Ageha September 2015

Dear Gals,

How are you ? I'm so so so happy, I received my 小悪魔 Ageha of september. The cover with Sakurina is just... Absolutely gorgeous. The question is... Is it the contents is as interesting as the cover ?

小悪魔 Ageha of september offer many good themes like outfits, a lot of hairdo tutorial, makeup tutorial.

I really adore the part when the models do a makeup with a specific brand like : Jilll Stuart, Mac, Anna Sui, Rimmel, Addiction...Don't worry, you don't need to spend a lot to have a good makeup.

The pictures are very pretty and good illustrated. It's a pleasure to read it. Some of brands are very present in this magazine like DaTura, Emiria Wiz, Duras, Resexxy and Ghost of Harlem.

The big fail of the magazine is a typing error : Ghorst of Harlem. So, yes, it's funny. It looks like to a burp's sound.

In generale, it's one of my favourite issue ; Surely thanks to the good fall collection. That gives me the desire to buy new clothes. *haha*

If you want to buy this magazine you can click on the Ageha picture below. I add another magazines who are interesting for you like Jelly, Popteen & Happie Nuts. Take care of you ~

Koakuma ageha / Neko Publishing Jelly / Bunkasha
Happie nuts / Neko Publishing Soul Sister Japanese Bad Girl's Culture Magazine VOL. 15 / Million Shuppan

Kisses & Hugs,

7 commentaires:

Kassidy K. a dit…

Guri and Gura's makeup has changed so much over the years! I still love their style and Sakurina looks perfect of course ♥

Mimie Niiouh a dit…

Ageha is a really nice fashion magazine!
I generally love their picture >w<
Thanks for sharing some pics! :D


Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Kassidy - Yes ! Guri and Gura are on the top of my favourite model. [Sakurina is the first *haha*]

@Mimie > You're welcome <3. This ageha is so perfect !!


Beauty Unearthly a dit…

Excellent post (as always)!

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Beauty > Oh Thank you <3 <3

lazuli rondoudou a dit…

I love this Koakuma ageha issue it's so pretty!!!
Wished all the issues were like this lol

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Lazuli > Yeeeeeees, and yes !! Can wait the next issue. I'm in love of Ageha.

~~ ~~