23 août 2015

[LIFESTYLE] Back to School - Kogal Version

Dear Gals,

Hope you had good holidays and great memories. This is soon the start of the school year. That was a period that I loved : I had new stuff, I made shopping... To be on the top for a good start.

When I think school, I think to Kogal !! I see a lot of "Back to school" articles & videos but no one about gyaru.

I'll show you the "starter kit" of a Kogal, leeeet's go ~

Personalize your uniform

The School seem better when you add a Kirakira [キラキラ] and Kawaii [ かわいい] touch. Show that you are unique. Your loose socks and you are inseparable : Your ankles are nice and warm. Don't forget the glue to keep your socks in place. [You can buy loose socks Here, Here or Here & socks glues here]

Accessories are the key of your outfit. If you can't touch to your outfit [Except your socks & shorten your skirt], the best way to have the best style is to accessorize.

I selected to you some great accessories:

[UP] DaTura - Mars - Princess Apparel - Kokopie [DOWN] Cocolulu - Hushush - Lchance - Claire's


The basics of a Kogal Makeup is a tanned skin, pink lips and heavy eyes makeup . Thank you summer, thanks to you we've a pretty suntan. If you've got a forever pale face [... Like me...], don't take the risk to have a skin cancer to abuse of tanning booth. Stay like you're. It's not rare to see a kogal with a light skin.

I picked some pictures of Kogal's makeup :


A kogal have principally a hair color between blonde and light brown. Have fun with your hairstyle : Ponytail, braids, backcombing... The most populare hairdo is long hair with big curls
If you don't have time, You can just smooth your hair and make two ponytails. [Fast, Simple & Effective]

Add a touch of fun like hair chalk or cute hair accessories :

[UP] Vivelle Dop - L'oréal - Offbrand [DOWN] Usamimi OffBrand - Ebay - Princess Apparel

☆ Customize your phone

The last step to complete your look, it's a phone with your personnal touch. You've two solutions : 
You can buy a cute phone case & charms. We have the chance today to found a large choice for all taste.
I make a little selection of my favourite phone cases :
[UP] Aliexpress, Galeo [DOWN] Aliexpress, Les bijoux de Sharuru, Etsy

The second solution it's DIY. Buy a transparent phone case and glue strass, charms, purikura... All what your want and your phone case'll be very cute & personnal. [Nice DIY on Youtube here, here & here]

Enjoy your school year & mostly don't forget to have fun. Stay like you are, gyaru or not. Hope you like my article, if you want another articles like this, let me a comment. Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,

4 commentaires:

cookiescorpse a dit…

Love Kogals so much, I would like to wear their style some time in my life.
Really great post!

Agepoyo [あげぽよ] a dit…

@Cookie > Yes me too <3. Thank you Honey !

Mimie Niiouh a dit…

Nice article >w< <3
Back to school look more fun with a kogal look :D

Annouschka S a dit…

I love KoGal, but I would be afraid that it would look stupid on me as I am over 20 already -.- It is so super cute though!! MAybe for cons -.^

~~ ~~