24 mai 2015

[LIFESTYLE] Gal Vip Spring Issue

Dear Girls,

I know my lovelies, I didn't publish a blog post since a long time [again]. I just have the time to publish one video per week on my Youtube channel. I'm still shy in front of the camera but I work hard on that. *haha*

So. Big good new in the gyaru world !! The spring issue of Gal Vip is now online in a condensed version. You can't check it on ISSUU [Click Here].
The full version is available on the Gal Vip webshop. 68 pages of pleasure, fashion, beauty & fun for $17,00.

I prepare articles very soon. I prefer to take a moment to do the things well. Take care of you Gals.

Kisses & Hugs,

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