2 mai 2015

[DIET] A new diet life...

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Hi Gals,

How are you ? I'm so sorry for the delay. I had a lot of work for the new summer issue of Gal Vip. 

Moreover, My building project takes me a lot of time. My husband and I must conciliate the budget with our desires. I confess, my husband is better than me to negotiate prices.
We have the plans of the house, of our future kitchen... We hope to start the building in september. [You can imagine my excitation, I imagine already my future princess dressingroom]

So, so, so ! You loose me. That's not the subject of this post. Today, I publish on my youtube channel a villain of one month about a new diet life.
I'm tired to do all this diet : Dukan, Weight watcher, Diet Avenue... That was a good experiences but today, I would like to stop to torture me.

One month ago, I decided to join a fitness room and adopt a more healthy alimentation.

☆ Alimentation

I eat for 1600 calories per day : 3 meals + 2 snacks.

☆ Sport 

I'll do sport three times per week. On this moment, my workout is only cardio. [Treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine...] I'm proud to do sport, I was not a very huge fan of sport and now I like it.

Gradually, I progress & insert musculation exercices. To day, I try the Lafay method. It is very interesting for people who need to take care of your mind & your body. "You don't need to pain to gain" That is his philosophy. I'll tell you more in a future post.

☆ One month later

With this healthy diet, I lost 5 kilograms. Every friday, I take all measures of my body :

Arms : - 3cm
Waist : - 6cm
Hip : - 3cm
Thighs : - 2cm
Calf  :  -2cm

I don't have any problems for the moment. I'm not hungry, I don't want to kill someone for a steak. I find a good harmony with my work & my private life. I keep my motivation and hope to do a good Before/After. I don't want to return backward. 

And you Gals ? Do you have plan a healthy diet ? Do you do Sport ? Do you have some tips about bodybuilding exercices ? Take care of you ~

Kisses & Hugs,

6 commentaires:

Mello a dit…

Félicitation =)
Pour les cuisses et les fesses, il n'y a rien de mieux que les squats <3 Environ 50 à 100 par jours ou tous les 2 jours ! C'est efficace, perso j'adore !

lovepirate a dit…

Wow, good job on your diet and exercises! I do sports casually but I really want to do it more frequently. I just felt better while I was working out two times a week. I really want to increase this to three times but it's hard to bring it in line with work and social life sometimes. ^^; But anyways, keep on going!

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Mello > Merci ma belle, je pense que c'est en effet un bon moyen de commencer ! Je vais me mettre au squat.

Lovepirate > Agree ! Sometimes, I don't have this time to go to sport too. We should to try some simple exercices at home. I found some nice applications.
Thank you honey <3 Kisses ~

Marina T. Firefly a dit…

"Apprendre a bien manger" is the most important! :)
I'm soooo lazy, so my mom has to insist me to wake up on time to go for a long walk every morning (I promise I'm trying to do it!), but my diet is quite healthy <3 (and my stomach is happy with it)

P.S: I'm learning French and your videos help me a lot, thanks <3!

Kisses ~
Teapots and Frills

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Marina > It's really hard to have a good sport routine. I know your feelings. Stay like this <3

I'm glad to help your french with my video. If you need help you can ask me when you want !

Eimear Anne a dit…

Congrats on your diet results! I don't do much, just try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Which is easy because I'm vegetarian.

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