8 mars 2015

[REVIEW] G 307 Gothic 3 Tones Turquoise - LensVillage

Dear Gals !

How are you my lovelies ? I'm so fine ! The sunny days come back in the south of France. I've a lot of projects, reviews & new videos. I'm in vacation for three weeks, I'll prepare some tutorials [Makeup ? Hairstyle ? Nail Art ? Surpise ~]

Today, I'll present you one of my new circle lens from LensVillage, G 307 Gothic 3 Tones Turquoise.


Gothic 3 Tones G307 contact lenses are guaranteed to lend a sophisticated yet natural look to your eyes. With a diameter of 14.5mm they nicely fit the eye giving a sparkling look. You are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention as their sparkle will make people notice you. These are priced at $22.50 and available in blue, brown, green, grey, hazel, honey, sapphire, turquoise and violet colors. - LensVillage


The design is very natural like a second iris. There are a mix of turquoise, gold to finish with a black circle. It blends very well with my green eyes & it's perfect for blue eyes. [To create more intensity]
My only problem is the finition of the black circle. [Look like pixels]


These circle lens are very comfortable. I can wear & put it without problems. The best & very important point is the circle lens can correct my eyesight. [Left & Right 00,00 - 10,00]


The enlargement is 14,5 mm. It's for people who want a natural look. These circle lens don't enlarge too much. It's most to change of iris colour or to sublime a look. I can wear a soft makeup [Or without makeup], It doesn't look weird.

The circle lens are available on the webshop LensVillage for $22.50 [~ 21 euros]. I advise for people who want a natural look & soft makeup. [If you like the geo nudy blue these circle lens are for you.]. What do you think about ? 

I don't publish video this week, i'm sorry. I'll prepare a lot of subjects & I'm waiting my face palette from Too Faced "Cocoa Contour". I want to do a contouring tutorial.  [Since 2 month... ARG, can't wait !]

Kisses & Hugs,

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Lizzie ♥ a dit…

Wow the lens blend really well with your eyes! They look great ^^

Tokki Baby a dit…

i love how it blends so nicely with your natural eye colour!! <3

Sandra a dit…

It´s perfect ^^

I follow :)


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