15 mars 2015

[LIFESTYLE] Spam Instagram ~

Hi Gals !

How are you today ? Hope you'll have a good week end. I'm so sorry to don't post often. I have a lot of appointment about my future house ! Yes, I'm so happy : My husband and I decided to have our own house. It's a lot of work, we think about our future house plan. I must save all my money for my future furnitures *haha*

I don't prepare a big post or a review today. This is a spam of pictures from my Instagram [@Astralys]. I would like to thank all of you : We are 500+ !!

◥ Cocoa contour - Too Faced

My dream palette ! I bought it thanks to USGOBUY, this palettes is not available in France only in USA. I'll present you this palette very soon in a contouring tutorial. [If you're interested, I can too show you how I bought this palette]. See you on Youtube ~ Gal Vip - Winter 2014 edition

◥ Gal Vip - Winter 2014 edition

The best surprise of this week, I received the paper format of Gal Vip Magazine. I prefer the paper format ; It's an unique experience to be a model & it'll stay a very good memories forever.

My last création : Big rose with pearls.

 The hair accessories for Hime gyaru or Agejo are very expensive in Japan. I wanted to create for a less price a very cute hair accessory. What do you think about ? [Another idea for my Youtube channel *haha*]


I finish this post with the best new. I join a fitness club last week ! I enjoy every moment ; I feel better in my body & in my head. I create a new part on my Youtube channel : [DIET] I share with you all my experience with my new sport routine & my healthy nutrition. You can chek my first video on Youtube [In French]

And you Gals ? What are your news ? Send me your Instagram nickname. Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,

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Sandra a dit…

love your blog ^^
i follow :)


lazuli rondoudou a dit…

love your DIY hair accessory so pretty and gorgeous!! tutorial please XDD

~~ ~~