11 févr. 2015

[TUTORIAL] "How I apply my false lashes"

Dear Gals,

How Are you today ? No blogpost today, just a youtube video in french. A lot of my friends & my lovely readers ask me "How I apply my false lashes".

So, I make a video. I'm so sorry, it's in french. However, I'll give you some tips when you want wear false lashes : 

- Always have a glue on your handbag,
- Put you mirror down, 
- Beware with the glues included in the false lashes packets,
- Test your new glue at home. [To verify if you don't do an allergy],
- Cut your false lashes to facilitate the application,
- The time of drying of the glue is important. [20 - 30 second]

Don't desperate, if it's difficult for you. You just need more training.Don't hesitate to ask me tutorials & some tips. I'll try to answer very fastly.

Kisses & Hugs,

2 commentaires:

lazuli a dit…

that weird moment I noticed you're French (me too lol)
anyways XD
I started with demi lashes which are really easy to apply and use no tweezers at all^^;;
I still struggle a bit with full length lashes because I think it looks weird on inner corner of my eye (still not mastering right amount of liner before apply falsies or maybe I should cut them before applying, don't really now)
anyway seeing your pics and vids make me want to try diamond lashes like dramatic falsies^o^
do you have somewhere test photos with all types of falsies and name of it along? like those comparing pages we see in magazine? XD

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Lazuli - Waaaaiiiit, Whhaaat tu es française ? Je vais te parler en français, je ne savais pas moi xD... (mais qu'est ce que c'est drôle de savoir ça)
Le coin interne c'est le moins évident, la pince à épiler permet vraiment de bien coller et placer dans le coin internet [En plus de choisir une colle waterproof, c'est le soucis quand on a les yeux humide]

Sinon c'est vrai que c'est une bonne idée de faire une sorte swatch des marques et des gammes de faux cils. Je vais réfléchir à tout ça. Il y a un magasine, il me semble que c'est un Egg beauty qui a fait ça pour énormément de type de faux cils. Bisous <3

~~ ~~