4 févr. 2015

[TAG] Day 03 – What’s your best and worst experience with non-gyarus?

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? I'm so fine. Today, I'll do a photo shoot with a friend. I can't wait to show you the result. I just hope the weather will be with me. I'm really existed and stressed, there is a special guest. [I say nothiiiing, check my facebook page to have a spoiler ~].

Stay Tuned... Now, I answer to the third day of "gyaru meme" tag :  What’s your best and worst experience with non-gyarus?

◥ My Worst Experience 

I don't really have worst experience with non-gyaru people. Sometimes, you can have weird comments like : "have there a special event to wear this costume ?", "Nice costume !", "Haha, It's drag-queen's shoes [About Lita Spike from Jeffrey Campbell], "You're so superficial with all this makeup."...

It's not nasty comments but only the ignorance. 

Is it difficult to wear gyaru style without to have comments or some looks on the street. You learn to live with it.

◥ My Best Experience 

My best experience is when people are fascinated about my style. They ask me a lot of questions and I share with them my passion. I explain how I do my makeup, my hairstyle and give some tips. My best moment is when I apply makeup my friends as a gyaru. 

Kisses & Hugs,

3 commentaires:

lazuli a dit…

I think everyone with a non-standard look will get that kind of experience...
So cool when ppl love your style ;DD

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Lazuli - Totally agree. That's sad to not be free to wear what we want. =(

lovepirate a dit…

Nawww, I really really want to see the results of your photo shoot. *__* I checked your FB page and wah, really can't wait for the photos. Please share them with us over here. :333

~~ ~~