7 févr. 2015

[REVIEW] Blippo.com

Blippo Store
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Hi Gals,

How are You ? I'm on holiday for a week ! I'm so glad ~. Today, I'll do a review about the webshop Blippo.com. The webshop selected me for try its products.

Goodies ~

◥ What's is Blippo.com ?

It's a webshop who sells Kawaii & Japanese products [Magasines, Snacks, Mobile accessories, decoden...]. All products are shipped from Hong Kong. It's a webshop for person who like the kawaii culture, greedy & creative people.
There are a lot of choice of products for a good price. The webshop delivers to international. [The webshop is in english & in finnish]

◥ Pocky Biscuit Sticks - Chocolate [Link] - 2.90 €  1.90€

Pocky is the most popular and famous Japanese sweet snack, and for a reason! These biscuit sticks are covered with delicious chocolate flavored frosting. The end of the sticks have been left uncoated so you will not get your fingers sticky while eating them. The name "Pocky" is derived from the sound that this crispy snack makes when eaten. Pocky sticks come in a broad array of flavors, styles and shapes. Sweet! - Blippo
I liiiiike pocky, the equivalent in France it's Mikado. When you open it, you found very delicious biscuit sticks. Pocky made a lot of flavors like strawberry, milk, banana... [My favourite is the green tea flavor ~] ...And different types of biscuits. 
Pocky, it's a guilty pleasure for your breaks. Which one is your favourite ? There are a lot of choices on Blippo

◥ Kawaii Pouch with Girl & Bunny [Link] - 3.50€

This pretty pink pouch is simply adorable! It features cute pictures of a girl and her bunny friend sending each other letters. The pouch has two different compartments with zippers. Use it to store your cosmetics, stationery or other small items. Kawaii and useful! - Blippo
A cute pouch to put away your makeup, accessories, pencils... I like the two compartments if you don't want to mix your makeup. I use it like a little travel pouch ; my toothbrush on a compartment and all the necessary to remove my makeup in the second compartment. 

◥ OMG Keychain [Link] - 1.90€

OMG! How cool is this keychain? Kawaii-fy your bag or keys with this pink cutie. The keychain is made from soft rubber and it is easy to attach almost everywhere. The keychain also glows in the dark! Totally OMG!  - Blippo
This keychain is pink like a bubble-gum, kawaii color ~. The particularity of this keychain : it's fluorescent. I use it with my car key. I always loose my key, I'm happy to found it in the darkness when I get up early. *haha* [Exist only in pink]

◥ Alpacasso Mini Purse [Link] - 5.90€

Alpacasso alpacas (sometimes also called Arpakasso) are probably the cutest alpacas you have ever encountered! This cute and soft Alpacasso mini purse is perfect for money, cards and other small items. The pastel colored purse can be closed with a zipper and has a handy chain from which you can hang the it on your bag, lanyard or almost anywhere else. - Blippo
That's my crush of this package. It's a little pouch to put your money, circlelens. I hang it on my car key too. I'm glad to don't search money to pay parking. This alapaca is so kawaii ; if you like hime gyaru style you can't resist to this cute pouch. The purse exist in 3 color : Light pink, Lilac & White.

◥ My selection

iPower Milk USB Power Bank - 2600mAh [24.90€] ; Popteen [17.90€] ; Kabaya Watermelon Gummy Candy [3.20€] ; Fashion Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers [2.90€] ; Jewel & Pearl Seal Phone Sticker - Style 3 [3.90€] ; Fabric Deco Tape with Button [1.80€]

I selected for you my lovely readers, some of kawaii products. The webshop proposes to buy japanese magazines like popteen or Vivi. My favourite part it's diy. There are a nice choices of little charms to decorate. 
The pearl is the Ipower Milk USB. We must have a rescue battery in our bag. [Smartphone problems number one *haha*]

Don't forget the website Blippo.com [Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr & Instagram] ~

Have a good day & take care of you. This week end, there is no video on youtube because I was sick. [My neck is hurting me so much !!]

Kisses & Hugs

2 commentaires:

Ly☆ a dit…

Ohhhhh je ne connaissais pas ce site, mais ça m'a l'air super mignon!! Je craque totalement pour le mini Alpaca aussi!! Je rêve d'en mettre un à mon sac à main! *o* Merci pour cette super découverte! Gros bisous ma licorne à paillettes!! <3

Hina Naz a dit…

aww so cute items
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