1 févr. 2015

[LIFESTYLE] Gyaru Problems #1

Dear Gals,

How are You ? Hope you are fine. Again a bad day, no luminosity, I've the impression to live in a cave. The sun has disappeared since a long time, that's make me feel sad. [Yes, you often read that the weather has a big influence on me]
I adore the gyaru style but like all styles there are "problems". [This article is 100 % written with humor]

 Gyaru have never money

Do you note that we always want the most expensive clothes ? Like the last ma*rs dress, or all the d.i.a. set...  Then, you can add makeup, because a gyaru without makeup is just... a sunfish

Best "No makeup" moment : if you wear sunglass or you hide behind your hand.

And it's not finish, you can add a good phone to take good selfie, a good camera for good selfie, accessories to match with your last clothes. You have two solutions ; to marry to a rich men or to sell an organ. I offer my fat for a good price. 

My wife got robbed her credit card. I didn't lodge a complaint. The thief spends less than her. 

 Japanese Sizes

Why Japanese sizes exist ? Just to remind you "You're fat, please loose a bones." I'm a piece of furniture next to a cute japanese gyaru.  A dress becomes a tunic, a cute skirt becomes a very very very very short skirt.[Rules 1 : Always to have a clean panties].

A lot of japanese bottoms clothes just cover 10% of your butt. [A breeze and you're sick]
It's to cut both ways : You're motivated to loose weight or you feel depressive and try to make a liposuction with a straw.

 The end of the day of a gyaru

You passed all a day to try to be perfect : Retouch your makeup, verify your hairstyle... The moment where you're at home, you become another person. You scream your liberty with a sweet tune... "Leeeet it go !!". You throw your clip extensions who killed your scalp. You remove your circles lens [No, if I crying it's not for you, it's just because of these fu**ing circles lens who sting my eyes !!].
You take a long moment to remove all accessories on you. Now you lost 10 kilos of hair/false lashes & 3 kilos of makeup. 

◥ False nails

Now it's more easy for scratching your nose.
Your dream is to wear false nails like a Black Diamond. It's required to have a lot of patience. All simple activities of your lives become a nightmare. Here is the list  [Not exhaustive] :

- Write with a pen,

- Tap on your keyboard,

- Put your jeans with button,

- Put your circle lens [& remove...]

- Thread your tights without ladder it,

- To go to toilet less than 10 minutes,

- Get out your credit card.

- Do a shampoo ...

You've got gorgeous false nails but you look like to a penguin. Exept if you've an assistant,  you need to pass my second-degree black belt in false nails.

What do you think about these gyaru problems ? *haha* What's your problems ? I already think about the second part, see you next week. Have a good sunday ~

Kisses & Hugs,

12 commentaires:

Lizzie ♥ a dit…

Oooh my gosh je suis d'accord avec cet article! Je trouve que c'est tres difficile de porter les faux ongles~ Mais c'est la vie de Gyaru :P

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Lizzie - Oui on aime cette vie ! [Un petit côté sado masochiste peut être ? *haha*] Bisous ~

Pika-Steph a dit…

LOL! This was great! I had to totally give up on the nails because I type as part of my job....and I just couldn't do it. :-(

Anonyme a dit…

The first and second one are definitely my biggest problems. When you have boobs and an ass you're pretty much doomed when it comes to Japanese brands hahaa

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Pika - Haha I'm so clumsy with my long nails. It's for a master. [And it's not nice to type with long nails] ><

@Kuro - Yes true story =(, That's make me feel sad.

Annouschka S a dit…

Oh I love this article! I think we can all agree that being gal is awesome and I love it so uch but at the end of the day... I Let it goooo! And the nails, amen to that ;)

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Annouschka - Thank youu. All Gals love the suffering. *haha*

Mami Wilson a dit…

LOL The end of the day! Too funny and so true!

lazuli a dit…

OMG true story!!!!!
I don't know how do the girls with those nails!!! (dream to get some btw ;D)
I can't even type correctly on my iPhone with too long nails lol
And yeah gyaru first problem: not enough money TT
(well girl first problem isn't it? XD)

San-chan The B@kàNoùR$ ! a dit…

Hahahaha c'est trop vrai! XD

Ly☆ a dit…

Je me reconnais totalement dans le "let it go" le soir venu, quand tu laisses tomber tout ton attirail pour te transformer en marmotte fluffy!! Il n'y a pas de plus grand bonheur! Et pour ce qui est des faux ongles, à part en gel, je n'en raffole absolument pas! La vie est tellement plus belle quand on peut l'attraper avec les mains sans risquer d'y coller un ongle en plastique! Je t'embrasse fort ma loutre en chocolat! Prends bien soin de toi!! Tu me manques <3

lovepirate a dit…

Ahh, I know how you're feeling. I also hate it when I don't see the sun for days. ;__; It makes me so sad, angry and depressed.
And omg, that post was funny. XD Thank you, I had a good laugh.

~~ ~~