21 janv. 2015

[TAG] Day 01 – When did you start dressing gyaru?

Dear Gals,

How are you ? It's so cold today, I would like to live as a marmot and to wake up only for the spring. 
I try to work on the last Gal Vip Spring issue but the weather is so gloomy. Imagine me to catch the best of the luminosity.

Today, I would like to start the Tag "Gyaru Meme" thanks to Lizzie.

◥ Day 01 – When did you start dressing gyaru ? [Beware - old pictures spam is coming]

I started dressing gyaru when I received my first clothes from Japan [in 2010]. That's a special moment, I can't describe it, a huge joy. It was a babydoll Blue dress from TutuHa. I add some accessories like my google glass. This outfit made me more confident in gyaru style. I'm really complexed about my body & my weight.

My firsts gyaru outfits
Then, I can't stop to follow Shibuya 109 fashion. I think to be crazy the day where I'll visit this tower. *haha*

I've a lot of steps in my gyaru life. The moment where I wear skirt, shorts, clothes who are more close-fitting ... The most important is to be confident in your clothes and to wear clothes who is adapted in your morphology.

Take care of you,
Kisses & Hugs,

3 commentaires:

Ly☆ a dit…

Ma poupette rousse, quand je vois tout ton parcours, je suis admirative! Tu es magnifique jeune femme, aussi belle à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur. Et je t'aime très fort pour tout ce que tu es <3

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Ly - Oui mais ce qui me rend le plus fière c'est que j'ai traversé ça avec de supers amies. Vous êtes des puits d'inspirations & je vous aime fort <3 ~

Marina T. Firefly a dit…

You looked gorgeous... and you keep looking now! You rock!


~~ ~~