9 janv. 2015


Dear Gals,

How are you ? Thank you gosh it's friday #2 [... And I'll work all the week end =(] This wenesday, the sales started and I try to not succomb. *haha* i thought : I should do a little haul with what I bought before Christmas. Maybe for the next week, I'm waiting a big package from Japan before to do a christmas haul.

Anyway. What's new on my ginger life ?

Kawaii.i International - Twins style

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That's a little surprise we wanted to keep before the broadcasting of the Kawaii.i issue. My lovely friend Ly has been contacting with Kawaii [like Prospective Kawaii Leader] to participate of this issue with a friend. That's with a big pleasure that she contacted me for this experience.

If you follow my blog, you already know that not our first try [Twins blogpost Ly & Mine]. It's an amazing experience to share with your friends. We have a lot of commons point , It's easy to do some twins pictures. [I just would like a perfect body like her *haha*]

Princess Apparel - Commissions

I already do a review about this amazing website. 2 weeks ago the Toulouse Game Show, I needed a hair accessory. She published regularly some new items on her official page and I've a cruch for a Demon Headband with roses. Absolutely perfect with my Ageho outfit.

Une photo publiée par Nicole (@astralys) le

I requested her if It was possible to change the color to suit my outfit. She accepted, made and sent my headband rapidly to have it for the d-day. Don't hesitate to send a request [More informations on this page]

ღ I'm so glad that she uses my picture on the website

I recommand this kawaii webstore, a big favourite.

Youtube, I'm come back

I took a short "hiatus" for Christmas. I had good times with my family, my friends. Now I come back to work on my next youtube video. I'm working on a little makeup tutorial - Online saturday.

Have a good week end, See you this sunday for new adventures ~. Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,

2 commentaires:

Ophelia of Harts a dit…

Love the devil headband so cute~!


Ly☆ a dit…

Je suis tellement contente d'avoir participé (même un tout petit peu!) à cette émission avec toi! Vivement notre prochain Twin outfit, c'est tellement drôle à faire! J'aime beaucoup ton achat chez Princess Apparel! J'ai fait le tour de la boutique etje suis tombée sur des nœuds d'écolière hyper sympas, j'ai bien envie de craquer! ^^ Et sinon, j'adore ton tuto! Ce look plus mature te va très bien!!! Mais de toute façon tu es toujours magnifique, je t'embrasse ma poulette en sucre!
(ps : merci pour cette dédicace toute chou dans ta vidéo haul tgs, je t'aime fort fort fort!!!)

~~ ~~