4 janv. 2015

[EVENT] Gal Vip Winter Edition & Lookbook

Dear Girls,

Happy New Year Gals ! I wish you the best [Love, Health & Money *haha*] for 2K15. Hope you have good end-of-year celebrations. I don't make resolutions this year. I decided to live the present. I publish my "gyaru improvement meme" the next wednesday.

How are you ? If you follow me on my facebook you could see my first appearance on Gal Vip Winter Edition n°13. I'm so glad to be a part of this adventure, It's very interesting. When we are only readers, we can't see all the hard work of the Gal Vip team. [The ideas, all work of the models, the design...]

That's an amazing work ! Take the time to read the issue ~

Me & the gorgeous Kyo [Wicked Lips]

Wicked Lips is available on the Gal Vip Website. It's one of my favourite parts. Winter is a perfect period to wear lipstick. I like to show my cruch of 2014 : The pulp fiction lipstick by Urban Decay. I start a big collection of Lipstick.

I published on lookbook some of my outfits available in this winter issue. Which one do you prefer ?

See you next week Gals, Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,

1 commentaire:

Ly☆ a dit…

J'adore tellement ce numéro de GalVIP! Et puis ton tuto lippiiiiiiies : le rouge à lèvres foncé te va tellement bien!!!! Ca te donne un look hyper glamour, ma rousse flamboyante! ;) Sinon tes outfits sont vraiment trop classes. Si je les aime tous les trois, j'avoue une préférence pour ta robe pull noire, tu es tellement chic comme ça! Gros bisous ma rousse des îles, je te kiffe à mort! <3

~~ ~~