14 janv. 2015

[EVENT] Gal Vip Magazine "We're printing !!"

Dear Gals,

I would like to publish this "Breaking news" about Gal Vip Magazine. A shop is open for all gals who want to buy our last printed winter issue.

You can buy a copy, you just need to click on this link. Don't forget that one magazine bought it's a support for all the Gal Vip Staff. 

First 50 customers gets 10% off their entire order... Soooo, What are you waiting ?

See you this week end with the unboxing of my Ghost of Harlem fukubukuro, don't forget to follow me on my blog and my Youtube channel.

Kisses & Hugs,

3 commentaires:

Suteisi ♥ a dit…

Je n'es pas été asser rapide pour avoir le 10% off mais j'ai commander quand meme! Supper to Gaijin Gyaru!! ^_^ Merci pour le lien!

Ophelia of Harts a dit…

Eeee it's so exciting to see Gal Vip is printing! Must get myself a copy.


Ly☆ a dit…

Ouiiiiiiii je suis tellement fière de voir le magazine se concrétiser!!! Ça-y-est, tu as commandé ton exemplaire? Je suis impatiente de recevoir le mien!

~~ ~~