31 déc. 2014

[WISHLIST] False Lashes : My Top 3

Dear Gals,

I took a little break during christmas vacation. I appreciate to be close of my husband & my friends.
Today, I'll go to Bordeaux to join Ly [Let's go party ~]. It's wednesday and I made a top 3 of the false lashes that I would like to buy.

I need to do a stock of false lashes [& Glue]. That's the good moment to try another brand.


1. DIAMOND LASH - Angel Eye

Diamond Lash is always on wishlist. I put "Diamond Lash "Angel Eye" since the first time I wear gyaru fashion. It stay the basic of my makeup pouch.


My second favourite is really a crush. That's a little bit similar than the Diamond Lash "Angel Eye". I really appreciate the intense doll look.


My last favourite is more simple but with the same design. I would like to wear it for a Onee gyaru look, more mature but with a sophisticated makeup.


1. DIAMOND LASH - Charming Eye

It's the first lower lash I buy. It was the best choice for lower lashes. Mon only regret, these lashes are delicates. I've broken  some of them when I pulled out of the package. I prefer the "charming eye" than "princess eye". "Charming eye" package are more naturals and easy to apply.

No.1 It's Magic
I never try the false lashes from Koji. I want to try these false lashes because I like this "fluffy effect". Isn't it ?  I don't find a lot of review of this false lashes, that's the moment to discover new things. Go ! In my wishlist ~


My third choice is for eyemazing. The brand create amazing false lashes, I never tried one of them. I chose the n°201 for a soft look. I prefer to pronounce the outer corner to open my look.

Hope you had a good Christmas. See you this week end for another blogpost, I'll do a little Christmas haul. We are 600 followers on my blog ! I'm so so happy, don't forget to submit what you want to see on my blog, or on youtube. I promise to be more active for 2015. I love you so much ~

Take care of you, 

Kisses & Hugs,

5 commentaires:

Ophelia of Harts a dit…

I love eyemazing 001 and just used them today. I would super recommend them!

martina caruso a dit…

best wishes and Happy New Year 2015 dear !!!
would you like to follow each other on our blog ...?
let me know ---> http://mcaruso930.blogspot.it/
I wait for you, kiss!

Tokki Baby a dit…

All of them are really pretty! :)
I've tried Diamond Lash and Eyemazing brands before, I can't remember which ones they were since I don't wear false eyelashes too often now!
The Diamond Lash band I find really stiff for me :( Maybe it's the type of style I bought... T-T

Ti a dit…

Wow, great lashes :)

sarah levert a dit…

coucou les faux cil du bas DIAMOND LASH Charming Eye
ils sont top !!!!

~~ ~~