5 déc. 2014


Picture for Gal Vip - Winter Issue 

Dear Gals,

Thank Gosh, It's friday ! How are you ? I would like to write this type of article for all my last news. I can't to talk about all my little actualities.

◥ See my Gals ~

As always, I loooove to go to Bordeaux to see my lovely gals Céline & Natalie. We worked about the Céline's project. What is it ? That's a surprise for the next month. 

We can't go to Bordeaux, and don't do shopping. Natalie & Céline have contaminated me : I'm crazy in love of "Yankee Candle". You can see my victory face when I bought not one but three candles. *haha*

My three favorite candles : Snowflake Cookie, Fireside Treats, Honey Glow
 Hope to see my bears team for the 31th december : Big Party ! I've got a vacation period for the New Year.

◥ Blog & Vlog Toulouse Game Show

I'm preparing a blog post, a vlog and a little article on GalsGalsRevolution. I really hope to publish this sunday. That's not sure but I make my possible. I'll say all of my impression of this TGS 2014 !

 ◥ Birchbox December 2014 

I already received december's Birchbox !! [French Version] I did a short vlog about my box version. My opinion ? I like it ! The only problem, it  misses some glitters for a Christmas & New Year box. Check my vlog & Subscribe ~

◥ My next article on GalsGalsRevolution

I've so much ideas for this french website. I'm writing an article about last gyaru news & a "How to be a Hime gyaru with a limited budget". Hope you'll like these articles. Check the last news on your facebook page

See you this week end,
Take Care of You,
Kisses & Hugs,

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Ly☆ a dit…

Rahhhhh que nos journées pétasses me manquent! Tiens bon, je rentre bientôôôôt!!^Je t'aime fort ma poupette!!

~~ ~~