14 déc. 2014

[LIFESTYLE] Independence of gyaru fashion

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? That's a special blogspot, i'm questioning about my gyaru style. Am I always a gyaru if I'm not fashionable ?

Born in the trendy area Shibuya, the gyaru style find some of its inspirations thanks to brands from the 109.
Nowadays, the gyaru fashion is simple & dull to my taste. Without elements to create the craziness of gyaru fashion, a lot of gyaru magazines were stopped. It's difficult to make a different between a gyaru and a fashionable japanese.

Harajuku fashion & alternative style [like Neo Gal] is more popular now. In France, the gyaru style is unknow. It's a little bit annoying when a person stops you : "Hé, great your manga style !". Am I the only one who is frustrated ?

With this present fashion, nobody made a difference. If i like gyaru fashion, it's thanks to the difference, the creativity, the gorgeous makeup of doll....

I miss so much the old gyaru fashion. I'm addict of the website mbok. That's my guilty pleasure to find old Gyaru clothes.

I want....

◥ "TutuHa" Before "Glavil"

◥ Babydoll Top Tutuha

◥ "Delyle Skirt"

◥ "Usamimi"

◥ "D.i.a. Belt"

◥ "Google"

◥ "Stetson"

◥ "High socks"

◥ "Ma*rs Cat Hoodie"

I thought that gyaru fashion evoluate with the shibuya 109. I'm tired to hear : "Gyaru, it's over". Today, I think that gyaru fashion can have it independence, a complete style

Gals ! The most important in this post : Keep the gyaru spirit, It's a state of mind 

Get Wild Be Sexy,

Kisses & Hugs,

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I totally understand your frustration! Someone once thought I dresses like those Harajuku girls form Gwen Setafani >:I

Ly☆ a dit…

J'aime les articles comme ça, qui me permettent de me rappeler pourquoi j'aime la mode gyaru! J'aime son côté exubérant, coloré, bling, osé, etc... J'aime beaucoup ta sélection façon wishlist! J'espère que tu pourras trouver quelques pièces sur mbok qui feront ton bonheur! Gros bisous ma beauté rousse! <3

Ophelia of Harts a dit…

I agree with the whole 'Manga girl' Thing! I love for old school gyaru an would love to get a tutuha babydoll, a dia belt and a mars necklace <3 http://opheliaofharts.blogspot.co.uk/

Anonyme a dit…

Très bon article, ça rejoint vraiment mes pensées. Personnellement je pense que le style gal est terminé dans le sens où les gals de la première génération sont des adultes désormais et du coup leur look est devenu plus sobre, malheureusement il n'y a pas eu de relève... En tout cas le style extravagant des gals me manque également

~~ ~~