3 nov. 2014

[REVIEW] Babyface B.B Cream "Moisture" - It's Skin

Hi Gals,

How are you today ? I'm so sorry to not update an article last sunday. I had need to rest, I did a lot of overtime at work. I took the opportunity to change my routine care and try "the japanese layering". You can ask me some questions about it, I'll do a video very soon. 

Soooooo... Now, I can to return to the principal subject : My Review about Babyface from 'It's Skin".

It's Skin is a korean brand created in 2006. It's a popular brand developed and tested by dermatologists. I wanted to test this inevitable of korean cosmetics.

The brand has judiciously choose the name of the range : Babyface.
A baby is cute, has a soft skin & delicate. A face of baby, it's beautiful, round & innocent. These adjectives are a resume of the brand.

◥ Characteristics

- Moisturizing,
- Anti-ageing,
- SPF36++

How to use a BB Cream

Warm a little of cream in your hand & apply on your face from the center to the outer of your face.

◥ Packaging

The packaging is soooo cute. It has caught my heart with its form "tube of paint". It's very ironic to compare makeup & paint *haha*. The tube is wrapped in a plastic with wings of angel.

◥ Texture/Smell

The texture is thick. You should warm the product in your hands to facilitate the application on your face.

The cream has a very good smell : A smell of peach ! It's very greedy & pleasant on your skin. Moreover, this BB cream have a very good UV protective for my sensitive face ! ♡ ~

Halloween ~


From all I tested, this BB cream is the most covering. It's a happy medium between a BB Cream & a foundation cream.
The tint is for a fair skin, perfect for my ginger skin. No demarcation & no spots. The cream evens out my skin tone, covers my rednesses & lets my skin to breathe.
However, I need a concealer to cover all rednesses. I thought to buy for a green base. I fix my foundation with a loose powder for to look well.

Who ?

For Fair skin, with or without imperfections who need moisturization. It's a special formula "Moisture" for dry skin, sensitive to normal skin.

◥ Where you can buy it ?

10 € on http://mabbcreme.fr/ [Click on the link]

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Take care of you,
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4 commentaires:

Mel a dit…

It's a good price and it seems to have a nice coverage. Dind't knew the brand though.

Maxine Schliewe a dit…

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Please check out mine and if you want we can follow each other
here on bloglovin and via Instagram?
Let me know, now it´s your turn.


Anonyme a dit…

I'm really want to buy this one just because of the peach smell and the cute package ~
Too bad it doesn't suit my skin type ):

Ti a dit…

Wow, incredible product :)

~~ ~~