19 nov. 2014

[EVENT] Toulouse Game Show D -10

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? I'm happy and stressed in same time, to go to Toulouse. The event Toulouse Game Show is the 29 & 30th november 2014. 
I'll organise a gyaru meeting Sunday afternoon. Follow the event on facebook [Gals Gals Revolution Gyaru Meeting - Toulouse Game Show]

First time, I reflect about my two outfits. I've two big ideas and I give you some clues.

Do you guess what I'll wear ?

Hope to see you ! I'll keep my camera to take pictures of cosplay & the outfits of gals during the gyaru meeting. If I'm motivated, I'll try to make a vlog. What do you think about ? 

See you soon Gals,

Take Care of You,

4 commentaires:

Mel a dit…

I'm looking forward to see the result ;)

Ly☆ a dit…

Oh ouiiiiii un Vlog, comme si on y était!!! Pour tes indices, je penche pour un look mamba en kigurumi pikachu pour le samedi, et un look plus dark à la sakurina/ghost of harlem le dimanche. Alors alors alors, j'ai bon quelque part??
Je t'aime fort ma puce, tu me manques!!!

Miko a dit…

Pr le jour 1 je dirais Kigurumi yamamba Pikachu et pour le deuxième jour gyaru en kimono
Tu vas être trop belle !!

Aimie Chérise a dit…

Amazing pics! :)

Have a nice day! :)
Aimie from Channel Of Creation

~~ ~~