12 oct. 2014

[Wishlist] Hello Autumn ♡ ~

Dear Gals,

That's autumn ! I love this season : Rock & Cocooning. This is the moment to wear rock fashion. I can't stop to drool over the gorgeous collection of Ghost of Harlem. I noticed a black bracelet with a lily.

One Spo is my second choice, I love this long black skirt very sophisticated : A rock basic. I'm disappointed about the Glad News collection, no crush. 

However, I need to wear more comfortable and warm clothes like boots from Ugg Australia. That's terribly soft & warm for your cold toes. *haha*
Story of my life : When I've a big crush for a beige coat from Ghost of Harlem and there is no "rokku" inspiration. The coat cost 22,800 yen. *ouch* 

For this moment, I don't need makeup. I've got already a lot makeup to use. If I can have a guilty pleasure, I'll buy the heart blush from Too Faced and a green base from Make Up For Ever for the rednesses of my skin.

The big part of my wishlist is about hair. I would like to change my hairstyle for a pink ombre hair. I reflect for the best permanent product, I'm waiting your tips ! 

The second choice is to buy new wigs. I found two wigs with different styles. What is your favourite ? The lavender or the pink cherry color ?

I'm a girl who like gadgets... I would like to test the "Curl Secret" from Babyliss for to have easily nice curls. The last product from Calor "Volum'24 Respectissim", I would like to test just to satisfy my curiosity. 

Don't ask any questions. I don't do renovation work at home. I just need these lightings for my future videos.  I want to have the best luminosity. *haha*

Hey ! I forgot to say : Today it's my wedding anniversary ! One year with my lovely husband. He offers me a gorgeous set of jewellery from Swarovski ! Thank you my love ~

And you, What is your wishlist for this autumn ?

Kisses & Hugs,

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Catherine ❤ a dit…

I've tried the curl bliss and I don't recommend for long hair. It "works" but there were a few times it ate my hair and I couldn't pull my hair back out! The gadget isn't flexible and you can't open up when hair is tangled. It ruined some of my hair when i finally untangled it for over an hour with three people helping..

Katarina a dit…

I would go for the lavender wig. Just my personal opinion :)

Lizzie ♥ a dit…

Loving the wishlist! I can't wait to start wearing boots and warm coats...And congrats for your first anniversary! :D

Anonyme a dit…

I love that bracelet! <3
Haha, I'm also planning on buying work lights, my normal light are very weak and yellow-ish u__u

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Catherine > Oh woaw... That's horrible , thank you for your advice. I don't want ruin my hair for just to create more faster curls.

@Katarina > Agree ! It's my first choice, really gorgeous wig <3

@Lizzie > I want the coat so much, the problem is the price... =( [The price is always the problem *haha*]

@Kuro > Yes ! So gorgeous ! The luminosiy is so important for a good picture & video. Winter is comming and that's terrible to have a bad luminosity at home =(... I understand you.

Suteisi ♥ a dit…

If you want permanent hair color for your ombre, I don't think you will be able to go with pink.

Manic Panic is great for bright vibrant flashy colors and I would recommend it, but it will fade as it is semi-permanent. I use Manic Panic Vampire Red on my hair, and after 3-4 weeks I have to re-dye because it has faded a lot and doesn't look that great.

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…
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Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Suteisi > Thank you for your advice ! I hear a lot good good things for Manic Panic. I don't want to do a wrong choice for my first dye experience. *haha*

Anshin Doyle a dit…

I choose pink cherry color wig :P

Ly☆ a dit…

Ta wishlist me fait rêver ma poulette en chocolat! Bizarrement, on a toutes des envies de changements capillaires en cette saison! Mais...OMG, tu oserais changer de couleur??? En tout cas, j'ai une nette préférence pour la wig cerise! Je t'avoue que le Curl Secret m'intrigue aussi...il faudrait que j'en trouve un en démonstration dans un magasin :p
Sinon, ton petit mari a extrêmement bon goût en ce qui concerne les bijoux! Ta parure swaro est magnifique. J'en profite pour vous resouhaiter un très joyeux anniversaire les tourtereaux, vous êtes si mignons ensemble (je te jure que j'ai failli pleurer quand tu es entrée dans l'église)! Je t'aime très fort <3

cookiescorpse a dit…

wooow *-* I love all things!
The skirt is really cool

Lindsey Elizabeth Pritchard a dit…

The Babyliss hair curler is incredible! So easy to use!

Lindsey. x

~~ ~~