26 oct. 2014

[TUTORIAL] What's new on Youtube ?

Dear Gals,

I published two articles per week but now I want to be more present on my Youtube channel. That's why I'm less often on my blog. But.... I prepare a lot of blog posts. ~

This saturday, I uploaded a new hairstyle tutorial : Gyaru buns. [In French]. I think it's a perfect moment to publish it, One week before halloween. That can be a good hairstyle with creepy accessories.

 "Why I use a a dry shampoo ?"

I realized when I use the dry shampoo "Batiste volumm xxl", my hair are more thick. I don't like this product like dry shampoo but for spike up my hair, it's perfect !

◥ "... But you can use a hair spray ?"

A hair spray is useless with the texture of my hair ; my hair seem stiff, hard to work. [BUUUT, you can give me brands of good hair spray]

◥  How do you remove residues of the dry shampoo ?

I use a soft boar-bristle brush. [Essential for wigs]

Always for Halloween, I created a new nail art "Bloody nurse".

Don't hesitate to let me a comment, to ask me some questions. It always a pleasure to answer. See you next week for a review about a new BB Cream.

Kisses & Hugs,

5 commentaires:

hidden dreams a dit…

Wow, great!

Ly☆ a dit…

Tu es vraiment trop choupiiiiii comme ça ma roussinette préférée!! Il me tarde d'essayer ce tuto, le résultat est tellement mignon!! Tu es vraiment à croquer, ça en devient indécent!! <3 <3 <3 Gros poutous d'amour de la part de ta fan number one!

cookiescorpse a dit…

nice tutorials, you look so pretty with this hairstyle

Lizzie ♥ a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour les tutorials! Je veux essayer le tutorial coiffure! ^^ Tu est tres mignonne! <3

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Hidden > Thank You <3

Ly > Owi owi ! Essaye de te faire les chignons tu serais tellement mignonne comme ça. Pleins de gros bisous d'amour <3

Cookie > Ohhh Thank youuu <3

Lizzie > Merci, Show me your pictures *haha* I want to see you with your buns. Kisses ~

~~ ~~