14 sept. 2014

[OUTFIT] Pink beanie & High Platform

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a nice sunday. I received a lot of package this last days. If I do a big haul it'll be a loooong blogspot *haha*.
I reflect to do a video "haul" to present my last makeup purchases. What do you think about this idea ?

The rokku style miss me so much. I don't know why, I prefer to wear a rokku style during autumn or winter. [leather vest, black fur, tights... *haha*]

All I wear are my last purchase. I received a big package from Japan. I'm "a little" annoyed when I went collect my package : 41 € of custom fee !! That's practically the half of my purchases... Seriously ??

Despite my bitterness, I'm glad to receive my items. I bought a pink beanie & a black skirt from Ghost of Harlem. I'm a huge fan of Prisila brand. I start to have a big collection. I wanted to try the extension, I bought the volume version. [I'll develop all prisila items on a next article]

The occasion websites are always a good way to find clothe in a good prices. On gyaru sale [on facebook], I bought a Glavil dress.
My friend, Myriam, sold me her platform shoes from Glad News. I love these new babys ~

See you next week before my holiday. Take care of you. Don't hesitate to comment my look.

Kisses & Hugs,

27 commentaires:

cookiescorpse a dit…

omg *___* perfect outfit! I love your cool platforms!

Ran Worlds a dit…

I love the platforms !!

Ly☆ a dit…

Ohlala mais tu es trop bonne comme ça mon oursonne! Je kiffe absolument toute ta tenue...et je te volerais avec plaisir tes chaussures! Une vraie tuerie!! Ce style te colle définitivement à la peau. Ne change pas, tu es parfaite ma roussinette! <3

Madeupgirl a dit…

That hat is super cute too!



Lizzie ♥ a dit…

J'adore ton tenue! <3

Hyrule a dit…

I love your purchases and this t-shirt/dress fits you really well!

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Cookie > Thank You <3

@Ran > Yes my glad news platforms are ultimate *haha*

@Ly d'amour > Vient à la maison pour les essayer ma poupette <3. Tu me manques tellement. On a une garde robe similaire, je pourrais te retourner le compliment <3. Je t'aime <3

@Madeupgirl > Thank You DeeDee

@Lizzie > Mercii <3 you're so cute when you speak in frenchhhh <3 <3

Hyrule > Thank youuuu ! We are twins of dress *haha*

hidden dreams a dit…

You look amazing dear!
I follow you :)

Diana a dit…

Love the post!
Great blog, so I'm a new follower :)
would you like to follow each other?

Anonyme a dit…

OMG! I love those platform boots @_@


Molly Mac a dit…

Lovely outfit and photos!! :)


Payton Jade a dit…

I absolutely love your hat <3
Btw, I've just nominated you for the Best Blog Award!!! Check out the details on my blog <3

xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Thank you Gals <3

Payton > Thank you, I'll check the questions soon. I'm very honored !


Wow, I love your style and your blog. I´m your new follower. Please follow me back. See you.
Kisses and hugs from:

Aimi Haruna a dit…

You are so pretty, love your hairstyle on this post <3


Molly Martinez a dit…

Hello !! I totally love your pink beanie and the RAD shoes ohmygosh totally cool !!

followed you on your blog !! hoping for your follow back <3


Lan a dit…

Love your outfit :) Your blog is very lovely and interesting- I`m glad if you visit my blog, too <3


Eugenye Undertaker a dit…

Premier commentaire après des années de lecture. Cette tenue et ce maquillage sont tout simplement magnifiques! Je suis tombée amoureuse du bonnet! *-* Il est génial ton style! Continue comme ça, j'adore te lire !

Cherry chupcake a dit…

it suits you so well!!!

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Eugenye > Ton commentaire m'a fait tellement plaisir durant mes petites vacances. On ne s'imagine jamais par qui on peut être lu. Merci vraiment et j'espère que tu continueras à l'apprécier ! Gros Bisous <3

@Cherry > Thank youuuu ★彡

Bisma Rauf a dit…

Nice Blog :)

Wanna follow each other on GFC???
Just let me know and I will make sure to follow ya back

My Blog: Beauty-Fulll


Maja K a dit…

Nice outfit! And that makeup look suits you perfectly :) Too bad about the costum fees, but the things you bought are amazing! Followed via gfc #592, hope you can follow back. xx Maja
- http://modern-muffin.blogspot.com

Ti a dit…

I love your outfit :)

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Thank you Gals ! I'll check your blogs <3

Alexa B a dit…

J'aime beuacoup ^^

Casey a dit…

Great outfit, awesome platforms. Wanna follow each other? Let me know x


Mami Wilson a dit…

Waa~! Awesome outfit!!

~~ ~~