13 août 2014

[REVIEW] Dolly Wink - Eyebrow Mascara

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a good sunday. I already do a new post. Few days ago, I received my order from HanaVillage. It's a website who sell cosmetics and circle lens and in collaboration with Lensvillage.com.

◥ Short description of Hanavillage :
HanaVillage.com aims to be one of the largest beauty store selling quality colored lenses and top beauty brands in Asia. The brands we carry included KOJI, Skin79, Etude House, Nature Republic, Missha, Fujifilm,Geo Medical, ColourVue, Dueba,  and many other well known beauty brands in Asia especially Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Our office is based in Malaysia while goods are shipped from Malaysia and Singapore. We offer free worldwide delivery and excellent customer service. We carry more than thousand of products in store. We also own another website LensVillage, a circle lenses store which is quite established since few years ago. You may find our customer reviews throughout different channel. 

The first product that I present to you is a eyebrow mascara from Dolly Wink. It was in my wish list since a long time ; Let's go to review to know why ~
◥ Packaging

The product is like a mascara. The brush is not bigger than an euro coin. Thanks to that, the application is more precise. The many bristles of the brush catch all the hairs of your eyebrow. 

◥ Color

I chose the color "Milk tea", the tint the lightest. It's caramel-colored with bronze reflection. It's the color who match with my ginger hair. Beware ! Wring the brush to don't put to much product on your eyebrow. "Milk tea" can be a good tint for dark blonde, ginger or a light brown.

This mascara unifies the color of your eyebrow.

◥ Performance

The mascara colours & fill your eyebrow. The product is like a gel ; your eyebrows don't move, all a day. It keeps the form and the color doesn't disappear. You can touch : no transfer color ~

→ Precise & little brush,
→ The color matches perfect with my ginger hair,
→ With the gel, your eyebrows don't move during 24 hours,
→ A uniform color.

→ The color is a little bit shiny for a natural look,
→ If want a precise drawing of your eyebrow, you should use a pencil. [In additional or not].

Preview of my next update

And you gals, What do you use for your eyebrows ? Are you convinced by this product ?
You can buy it on HanaVillage.com for $ 18,80.
Soon, in my next articles, I'll present two another products : Black liquid eyeliner by Dolly Wink & the super + BB cream by Skin79. Stay Tuned ~

Kisses & Hugs,

5 commentaires:

moeri's story a dit…

Il à l'air vraiment bien ce mascara, j'ai eu l'occasion d'en tester certains mais pas celui là :) super revue ma belle!!

Lena H. a dit…

wow looks amazing been looking for something for my eyebrows! this looks cool

Lunie Chan a dit…

Ca donne biennnn <3

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Moeri & Lunie > Merci <3! Il est vraiment parfait pour mon sourcil. C'est le mascara qui convient le mieux avec mes cheveux !

Lena > Thank You Rena <3.

Ly☆ a dit…

Ca rend vraiment super bien sur toi, j'adore! Pour moi, ce n'est pas le genre de produit qui me convient je pense, je vais tenter les crayons plutôt.
Mais, mais, mais...c'est quoi cette tête toute mimi sur la dernière photo?? Il est où le reste du shooting? Dépêche toi, je veux voir la suite! Gros poutous mon oursonne insomniaque!

~~ ~~