9 août 2014

[OUTFIT] Twins ギャル

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? It's a special post with my honey, Ly [GeekBallerina]. During our travel at Bordeaux, we did some shopping [Natalie, Céline & I] in New Yorker. Céline & I have a crush for the same top "I  Ice Cream". I took the pink & Céline the blue one.

We had the idea to do a twins outfit with the same top. We searched a nice way to coordinate our t-shirt ; That's so funny to realize how we have a lot of common points. [Beanie, hairstyle...]
I hate my hair, they are so fine...  I could make a little volume when I created waves [Thank to my curling iron]

It was the occasion too to use again Hairchalk from L'Oréal [Sweet Sixteen]. I like to have pink hair sometimes [I feel like a unicorn ~]. However, I didn't tolerate a long time the product on my hair. Hairchalk from L'Oréal make me so much bows. Horrible. I kept the color only a week.

 Bordeaux  Brest

I missed her so much since she live far far away from Bordeaux. All things are a possibility to have fun. My look is very simple. We would like to find a colorful beanie but you can understand that a little complicated to find a beanie during summer *haha*. You can see our favourite beanie "Shoop" from Baby Shoop bought at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii 2013. I'll work more on the look in the future when I don't be in sweats.

This is a swatch of my overall makeup. I tested my new eyeshadow palette from Kiko - 101. [I'll make a big haul this wednesday] The eyeshadows are really pigmented and luminous.
I used a eyebrow mascara by Dolly Wink : Few days ago, I received my package from Hanavillage, I wrote a review for tomorrow. Check it out ~
My circle lens - Neo Shimmer Aqua

Have a good summer Gals & take care of you. In the south west of France, the weather isn't terrible... Hope it'll be better during my vacation in september. Soon in the next episode *haha* 

Kisses & Hugs,

4 commentaires:

cookiescorpse a dit…

cute outfits and makeup :3

Lizzie ♥ a dit…

Aaaah tu es tres mignonne! ^3^

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@Cookies & Lizzie - Merciiiii - Thank you so much lovely gals <3

Ly☆ a dit…

Tu es trop craquante habillée comme ça, le style amekaji te va super bien! Mais je te préfère quand même en version dark Nini! Allez, la prochaine fois on tente le style hime? ^^
C'est vrai, tu as raison, nos gouts se ressemblent tellement qu'on finit par avoir les mêmes fringues! Comme on disait avec Nat, faut juste se mettre d'accord avant de sortir toutes ensemble, histoire d'éviter les tenues de triplées! lol
Sinon tu me manques ma poupette en sucre! Vivement que je revienne dans notre sud-ouest, où on se gave de délicieux cupcakes! niark niark! je t'aime ma chérie <3

~~ ~~