2 juil. 2014

[SPONSOR REVIEW] Geo Bella Grey - MapleLens

Dear Gals,

How are you ? Saturday, I didn't do an update. I'm so sorry ! I went with my husband at a new shopping mall for sales. That was really amazing and bigger. You can imagine my pleasure to have a H&M or a Kiko next to my home. I'll show you what I bought this saturday, that's a promise ! [Or a new nail art tutorial ? I don't know *haha*]

My second review is about Geo Bella Grey [From my new sponsor "MapleLens"]. Stay with me if you want know more ~


GEO Bella Grey Circle Lenses
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm

Life Span : 1 Year Disposal
Left power : - 0.00 ; -6.00
Right power : - 0.00 ; -6.00
Price : 13.83€


The design of "Geo Bella" is simple : A black halo with a mix of a grey halo. I don't know why "Bella Grey", the color is more black that grey. *Haha* However the simple design, the effect is very nice when you wear it. The colors of the lens and my iris had a perfect mix.

I prefer this circle lens with a soft makeup : It's more elegant. With a dark makeup, these circle lens harden my look.


No problem with the comfort. Easy to wear, Easy to put. They have the advantage to correct my eyesight  [0.00 ; - 6.00] . It's not negligible when you are a mole like me.


The diameter of "Geo Bella Grey" is 14.2mm. That's a little more larger than "EOS Blytheye Green." However, they seem very small. It's the first reason why I prefer to wear with a sotf makeup. All is in the black & grey halo effect. They recreate my iris and I like it. [Very nice without makeup]

So Gals, do you like this type of circle lens ? Do you prefer soft or sophisticated circle lens ? 

I would like to add a new : That my 200th article ! I'll make a party for my 1000th *haha*. Today, I raise my glass of champagne - Tchin-Tchin ~ !

Kisses & Hugs,

6 commentaires:

Honey Tan @ www.ihearthoneytan.com a dit…

Nice effect on light eyes.

Anonyme a dit…

wow. Those lenses look super cool. :D

lovepirate a dit…

They're beautiful, aren't they? I also have them. :) The way the match and blend with your natural eye color is amazing!

Cherry chupcake a dit…

those lens look great on you,
but on people like me with dark eyes it will look wierdXD

Sue Figueroa a dit…

Eyes look so pretty!

Molly Louise a dit…

They look amazing! Beautiful. :)xo

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