17 juil. 2014

[DIET] I don't like sport

Dear Gals,

How are you ? With this sunny day, I would like to share with you my experience with the sport. I can't have problem to do a diet but it was difficult to add sports in my diet routine. I know it's the best way to be well & to have a healthy life.  

◥ Lazy Girl ?

In my mind, the sport is the perfect definition of "pain" & "humiliation". When my friends say me : "I feel so good when I run !", "It's a drug". I feel like a lazy girl : "Why do you like a sport who can hurt you ??". When I do sport.  I'm terrifying. I sweat, my check is red like a tomato. I'm sur, I've got the oscar of the best heart attack simulation. 

"I see a white light !! God !! That's you ?"

The frustration is to don't feel the same serenity. What's wrong with me ?

◥ Sport & High School

During my adolescence, sport was a torture. The speciality in high school was running & Swimming pool.
The most hard in running, it wasn't to run... It was to endure the humiliation of my sport teacher. I was fat, I was the last. He barked at me in front of my class. 

"You're fat ; Move your ass ; You're low"

I was a tumor. A day, He blamed me to manipulate my classmates to don't run. [Whaaaat ? I was a poor shy girl !] I'd the feeling that the sport teacher loved to cultivate this individuality and to expose you in front of your class. I was the easy prey, ready to eat.

Same pattern when we went at swimmingpool except I wore a swimwear. [Yeah, best thing for a complexed adolescent... Ingrate age]. You should surely know a girl who makes a dispensation to never go at the swinmingpool. Lucky her...

I regretted to see a lot of discrimination of fat children & adolescent. Mainly when it's the teacher himself who discriminate you. Nobody help me to like sport, to teach me how sport can be good for me. If you are fat, you're idle, you're allergic any efforts.

◥ Self Esteem

The adolescent is the moment where you try to build a personality, try to accept the changements of your body. One side there are the perfect famous girls and another side there is... Me. Fat, Ginger & Shy. The winning combo.

You keep this image of you ; It's difficult to accept a compliment when people look at you with a repugnance.
That's this horrible image of me, I keep when I ran. I imagine my fat to move and make a horrible noise like "flop flop" or "blop blop" [choose your favourite]

In the end, all is an excuse to don't move. I stayed in my comfort zone behind my computer. The worst ennemy, is you. Your body is in pain but your mind refuse to act.

◥ The reconciliation

Today, I'll need to make a point about me. That's why I share my experience. I want to reconciliate my body with my mind. I want to run like a thin girl, I want to evacuate all the frustrations of a life. I want to look at me like a warrior ; the world is mine. I don't want to become a loafer. The wrong opinion of a lot of person mustn't become me like they think.

It's amazing how you've a lot of possibility to move and have fun. The sport hall is not an obligation. You can ride a bike, go on the beach, walk with your dog, do some abs at home... Many possibilities ! Stop to make so much excuses, Stop to see sport like a pain.

10 year ago, I cried now I put my sneakers and I run in the wood. I bought a elliptical trainer and I trained 30 - 45 minute per day. I feel proud of me, I'm master of me, of my body. 

Don't let anybody tell you what do you should do. Take your life in your hands.

I conclude with a announcement : I'll publish less articles this summer. I want to profit of the summer to take care of me. Two month later, I'll give you some news about my sport and diet routine.

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Kisses & Hugs,

4 commentaires:

Kaizo a dit…

This whole post was exactly how I feel but not even just in high school but now as a adult. I have been going stronh for nearly 2 weeks now and already notice a difference in my looks but also how I feel each day. I have lost about 7 lbs so far and still havr about 33lbs more to go but I am not doing it to just get thin but also to just be healthy in general.

Congratulations and keep up the good work♡☆

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Kaizo > That's a good way to do not because "you must". You chose a healthy, it's just need to be reasonable. Keep this motivation sweety. Give me some news of you <3

Mami Wilson a dit…

T^T The best of luck to you!!!♡☆♡☆♡☆♡ I hope you get to where you want to be and feel!! Either way you are a beautiful gal☆

Ly☆ a dit…

J'ai vraiment adoré ton article, c'est très courageux de ta part de témoigner de cette manière et je pense que beaucoup se reconnaîtront dans tes mots. On en avait un peu discuté de tout ça toutes les 2 et je suis d'accord avec toi : l’adolescence est un âge ingrat où on devrait t'apprendre à aimer la personne que tu deviens et à te tirer vers le haut plutôt que de t'humilier. C'est marrant, parce que j'avais la même opinion que toi sur la course à pied il y a encore 2-3 ans : j'étais restée bloquée sur la période du collège où le cross était synonyme de souffrance et il me paraissait absurde de faire des tours de terrain pendant que la prof se moquait des plus lents. Maintenant, j'ai appris à courir pour moi, pour me sentir bien dans mon corps et pour me payer un moment rien qu'avec moi : la ville, ma musique et moi. J'aimerai beaucoup aller courir avec toi un jour, on se motiverait mutuellement. Je t'aime fort ma coupine chérie. Encore bravo pour ce témoignage très touchant <3

~~ ~~