21 juin 2014

[SPONSOR REVIEW] EOS Blytheye Green - MapleLens

Dear Gals,

How are you ? I feel so fine, I've so much news to say you. I would like to present to you my new sponsor : Maple Lens
They contacted me to try two pairs of circle lens. I make one review by circle lens, the second pair is for next week ! You want know more about EOS Blytheye Green ? Let's review ! 


Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal
Left power : - 0.00 ; -6.00
Right power : - 0.00 ; -6.00
Price : 13.90€


The design is very simple with a dark green circle and little lines. If I chose this circle lens it's for the intensity of the color : A gorgeous green emerald. This is the circle lens who convinced me to wear green circle lens.
These circle lens can to be wear with a soft or dark makeup. For a soft makeup, the only problem is maybe the intensity of the green not very natural. 

Without/With Makeup


During the first wearing of this circle lens, I had a little discomfort. I cleaned my circle lens with a solution but no result.[Despite the little diameter]
That's last days, the circle lens are more comfortable, I could wear it all a day without problem. I think I don't cleaned correctly with the  circle lens solution. I soaked my circle lens during 48 hours. And now, it's perfect !


The diameter is 14 mm. I had the impression that the circle lens is more bigger [14 mm it's small *haha*] when I wear it. The dark green circle redefines your iris. The little lines [And the light green] create a another dimension to my eyes. [We can see a big difference on the picture *haha*]


MapleLens is a circle lenses online store located in Malaysia that provide full range of Korea circle lens and color contact lenses. The design & presentation of the website is very simply

The best quality of MapleLens is to do the customers satisfaction their priority. The contact with the website is easy, with a fast answer [within 24 hours]. Moreover, there is a chat if you want to let a message to the administrator

The price of the circle lens is really cheap ; Between 13€ & 20€. [+ You've got a circle lens case free.]
For the shipping : if you're buying more than 50 $ of products [~37€], the shipping is free. Another good news, the shipping is fast, you receive your circle lens within 7 business day.

A little detail that I appreciate : a little box for the circle lens flasks. Thank You Maple Lens ~

Overall makeup

Do you like this circle lens [Click] ?

 Let me know by comment. See you next saturday for the second Maple Lens review ~

Kisses & Hugs,

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Suvarna Gold a dit…

cute style :) visit my blog if you want, doll ;)

Rinako Camellia a dit…

They look fantastic! ,3


Jessy Ming a dit…

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