28 mai 2014

[LIFESTYLE] Spring Bling

Dear Gals,

How are you this wednesday  ? That's a long times I should update about the day with my lovely friends Céline & Natalie in Bordeaux. I had so much articles in waiting. 

Work is a handicap when I want to see my friends *haha*. Céline live in Bretagne and she come in Bordeaux for vaccation sometimes. We mustn't miss her. 
We didn't chance this day :  It rained cats and dogs. We made selfie with Céline at "Water mirror" [In Bordeaux]. Wet for wet *haha*

"In the water mirroir..."

Natalie joined us at "Place de la bourse" & we started to eat at the japanese restaurant "Fufu". Always nice with us, the price are low & the meal yummy. I recommend this restaurant !! 

We profited to do shopping. That's a pleasure to see all the shops in Bordeaux : Glamor, Chic & Stylish. I had a crush a for a pink dress with a ribbon & pearls. Hope to see again the dress for my next travel to Bordeaux. [What do you think about the dress ? ♡]

Ribbon dress - Drinks - Tonkatsu & Yakisoba

Our crazy moments are in "Calzedonia". Natalie & Celine needed to buy a swimsuit. We went in a back room with 3 fitting room. This intimity make me feel the envy to buy a swimsuit too. [So, I bought a beach dress *wtf*...] Thank you to the seller for her patience. We tried some clothes during one hour. Ok, We made photobomb too. We was so childish ~. 

Clan of D.i.a. Belt 


Normal - Terrorist - Fuck face - Moustache
Selfies moment before to leave Bordeaux. It's with a drop of sadness, I miss her so much.  It's thanks to these wonderful moments who I forget all my little problems.


Finally, I bought a black beach dress with a ribbon & studs. [Yes, Like the pink dress *haha*]

My best discover is "Bijou Brigitte" thank to my friends. It's a better place than "Claire's". It's not expensive with more style than "Claire's" or "Accessorize". I bought a scarf with flowers & skulls. I make a wishlist [Soon in a update] for the next month.

At Lush : I bought "plumplum pudding" a shower gel in aspic. I've already a lot of cosmetics from Lush. I think to make a big review with a list of Lush products [Like- Dislike & Why ?]

See you Saturday ~,

Kisses & Hugs,

7 commentaires:

Candy_dreaming a dit…

Vous avec l'air une nouvelle fois de bien vous être amusées :3 J'adore la première pict à trois. Cette pose à un nom?
Sinon la robe est magnifique *_* Bon après j'ai und préfère pour la rose (rooseeee ♥) mais en noir elle est joulie aussi :3
Bisous bisous

Rinako Camellia a dit…

You look so chic!
Wonderful place! ^_-*

❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

Candy >Euhm... La pose James Bond ? *Wahahahaha*. Clairement, la robe rose est juste sublime, j'ai juste trouvé une alternative moins cher :(. Merci tu es adorable <3

Rina > Thank You Rina <3

Melanie C. a dit…

Lovely photos! Looks like so much fun!! Just found your blog and really love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


Hina Naz a dit…

Really nice post. Keep it up!!
You are having really Lovely Blog. Keep visiting my blog. I will too. Dear

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Ina Tatjana a dit…

Richtig tolle Bilder :)

Liebste Grüße Ina von ELLE

Ly☆ a dit…

Que de bons souvenirs, je kiffe d'autant plus ces moments qu'ils sont rares malheureusement!!! Je veux trop qu'on se voit en juillet, tu t'arrangé comme tu veux, mais tu reviens nous voir!! Sinon la robe te va à ravir! J'adore ce style! J'aurai du me prendre la rose!lol Gros poutous ma poulette en chocolat!!

~~ ~~