24 mai 2014

[SPONSOR - REVIEW] Lens Village - Kimchi Bambi Pink Lens By Vassen

Dear Gals,

How are you ? Some days ago, I've got a new sponsor http://www.lensvillage.com/ !! Happy me, I like to test new circles lens to complete my gyaru style. My choice is for Kimchi Bambi Pink Lens By Vassen. Let's go to review !


Kimchi Bambi Pink lens with a unique three tone design pattern is designed to provide utmost comfort to the user. A thick dark outline covers the inner design. The dual tone inner design gives a pleasant appearance to your eyes. These lenses are made from the best material available and give your eyes a comfortable fit throughout the day. You confidence will increase and you can step out in style with the Kimchi Bambi lenses.

- Manufacturer : Vassen
- Actual Diameter : 15mm
- Effect Diameter : 16mm
- Water Content : 55%
- Power Range : 0.00 to -8.50
- Life Span : 1 Year

⇒ Kimchi Bambi Pink Lens By Vassen - 19 $ [~14€]


The design of this circle lens it's like a pink flower with a amber heart . When I wear the circle lens & on the pictures, it's the amber color who stand out. The design is very sophisticated like all the circle lens by Vassen. The Vassen brand make a lot of original circle lens to transform you to a pretty doll.


I wore these circles lens all a day without problem. It's really amazing when you know the diameter is 15mm. I didn't have any difficulty and I didn't have dry eyes. I've the advantage to don't have any sensibility.

The correction of my eyesight & the circles lens is good [Power Right: -2.75 ; Power Left: -3.75] I feel really embarrassed when I see nothing with circles lens. I'm myope :(. I prefer my glasses to read & drive.


When I read "Effect Diameter : 16mm" : I don't know what it means. It's only when I see on my eyes that I understand. This circle lens create like a trompe-l'œil style.

It's a long time I don't wear a big diameter. I really love it for a dramatic makeup. With no makeup, I feel like a monster ! I don't advise to wear with a natural makeup or for a onee style. That's very freaky.


Lens village is a website who sells only circles lens from Malaisya. The website offers a possibility to buy a lot of models of circles lens [100% authentic from Korea] with a low prices. It proposes a customer service to satisfy its customers & to answer all their problems.
The website propose several shipping type with good prices. It took me ~ 2 weeks to receive my package. 

Like or Not ?? 
See you wednesday for a new article lifestyle. Take care of you ~
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Rinako Camellia a dit…

These lenses are very sweet! Love the color~ <3

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Kayima Bianchi a dit…

I'd like to try them! *O*^
You look perfect
<3 <3

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