21 mai 2014

[HAIRSTYLE] Agejo vs Rock Cute

Dear Gals,

These last days, I made two hairstyles : 

The first, with purple & pink flowers is more a agejo style. I put it with a black dress : You'll can see my outfit this saturday. I feel very good in this style, I inspired of Sakurina. I used a iron curling with a short diameter and a lot of laquer. My big problem is the texture of my hair ; too fine ! I needed a strong lacquer in big quantity to have a result.

Agejo Style

The second hairstyle is more all-purpose. I can use with a lot of gyaru styles. It's easier than the first hairstyle. I used a iron curling with a big diameter, a half wig and a frange. That's my best investment of the year. I'm a fan of prisila wigs. That's a good means to keep your hair healthy [Or if you don't have time to use a iron curling]

Rock Cute

What is your favourite hairstyle ?

Kisses & Hugs,

6 commentaires:

Kayima Bianchi a dit…

I love both!!!
You always look beautiful and awesome!!! >///<!!!
Muuuch love pretty! <3

The Girly Gamer a dit…

I love both of those hairstyles a ton! Although I think the second hairstyle is my favorite. The curls are so perfect, and the way it frames your face is super cute!

The Girly Gamer

Ginger Gaijin Gyaru a dit…

@ Kamiya > Oh Thank you <3 You're so nice !

@ The Girly Gamer > Prisila Wig is my secret, I'm so glad to find the same color of my hair in these wigs. <3 Thank you so much !

sugar-trick a dit…

Both of the hairstyles look amazing! Looks great on you~ (^^)

Amaya Yume a dit…

Wow, I really love it! It really looks awesome and beautiful on you! *___*

Candy_dreaming a dit…

Donneee moi tes cheveuuuuuux! *_* Bon j'ai beaule répéter mais j'adore tes cheveux! Puis la longueur est top!

Les deux coiffures sont sympas sinon!


~~ ~~