9 mars 2014

[REVIEW] Circle Lens Geo Nudy Quarter Brown

Dear Gals,

How are you ? Today, I present to you my new circle lens from Eyecandys.com. If you follow me since a long time, you could see these circle lens in my wishlist. I don't regret my purchase, I made you a little review.

◥ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION [By Eyecandys.com]

Brand : GEO
Origin : South Korea
Water : content: 38%
Diameter : 14.0 mm

The GEO Nudy Series is the #1 choice of beauty magazines. Eyes become sparkling. This was specially designed for Miss Hoshi Aya, a famous Japanese fashion model.


The design is natural and looks like an iris. It' difficult to do a difference between the circle lens and my eyes.
The hazel color is sweet and matches very well with my green eyes. I'm in love with this faboulous color which give an intensity in my look. It's see-through : A perfect fusion with my eyes. You can't see my circle lens [Except if you are at 5 cm of my face]


These circles lens are as comfortable as a basic circle lens. It's like I don't wear circle lens thanks to the diameter of 14mm.
However, I repeat again : don't wear the circles lens all the day and you should apply a solution on your eyes to moisturize and to grease them. [Rohto Lycee]

Click on this link to have some tips to take care your circles lens.


The enlargement of these circles lens is 14 mm. It's a size for a natural and soft makeup. I like to wear it with a onee outfit. We don't see the difference with the natural iris. The black circle add 1 or 2 mm to enlarge your iris subtly.


I chose this webshop for the many choices of circles lens, cosmetics and accessories. The webshop gives us the chance to buy a special camera. Since I've discovered it during the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii [Thank to Moeri], I would like a Fujifilm Instax Cameras. This camera prints so cute pictures ! [Wishlist 2014 *yay*]

The shipping was a little bit long. I received my package after 3 weeks of waiting. [Maybe because it was the christmas season]. I want to precise, I didn't pay shipping fee. The webshop makes often special offers.

My package had no damage : It's packed  with manila paper and a cute pouch.

These Circle lens cost me 18€ with a lens case. The circle lens case is more simple than a lens case at PinkyParadise. [If people prefer to have "Kawaii" animals lens cases... *haha*]

  Coucou les filles,
 Comment allez vous ? Une petite review sur ma dernière aquisition : Mes circles lens Geo Nudy Quarter Brown.

 C'est un véritable coup de coeur pour cette couleur ambre. Le design est sobre, il s'accorde parfaitement avec mon iris vert. Ce sont des lentilles d'un diamètre de 14mm, assez confortable. On les oublierait presque ! 

 J'utilise ces lentilles avec un maquillage assez naturel, soft. Je trouve que le diamètre ne permet pas les grande folie en matière de maquillage. L’œil se perdra sous une masse de maquillage et de faux cils.
 C'est des lentilles que j'accompagnerais parfaitement avec une tenue Onee Gyaru avec un beau liner effet "œil de chat".

 J'ai choisi Eyecandys pour leurs nombreux choix en matière de lentilles, de cosmétiques et d'accessoires. J'ai surtout eu aussi un gros coup de cœur pour leurs appareils photos "Fujifilm Instax Cameras", un appareil qui atterrit directement dans ma wishlist de 2014.

 La livraison a été un peu longue, 3 semaines, surement dû à la période de Noël. Mis à part ça, le produit était bien emballé accompagné d'une petite boite à lentilles. Un quasi sans faute !

Take Care of You,
Kisses & Hugs,

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Rinako グレー a dit…

These lenses look really natural on you!
I love your hairstyle! ^o^

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