13 déc. 2013

[SPONSOR] Flase Eyelashes Chinese Style Paper-Cut

Dear Gals,

A sponsoring post by Born Pretty Store [Nail art & Falses Lashes products]. I received a lot of crazy false lashes, I have a lot of work *haha*. Today, it's the Chinese Style Paper-Cut False Eyelashes. I've the #2 stray cat & the #3 rose

That's difficult to make a simple makeup with originals false lashes. My makeup it's a little bit artistic, totally purple look & a green/brown makeup. [I'm working hard to do a best makeup everyday -_-"] I'm sorry for the luminosity, I think to buy white light to do best pictures.

Falses lashes are very delicate to take off of the box. My tips : To cut in two parts to facilitate the putting up of your false lashes. A little difficult to apply and remove. The good point, the falses lashes don't move of your eyelids.

◥ Stray cat & Purple Makeup

◥ Rose & Green Makeup

If you want to buy it [click], the price 2.99 dollars for one pair. Don't forget, you can have 10% off with this coupon code :

Do you like this type of falses lashes ?

Kisses & Hugs

3 commentaires:

Romina Flores a dit…

Omg, I like how they look like on you. The cat eyelashes are so beautiful, I want them.

Rinako グレー a dit…

So beautiful false eyelashes! ❤ You look amazing!

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✿ Rinako ✿

Ramida Dusdeevutikul a dit…

nice paper eyelashes!
I have similar paper eyelashes from paperself!
Awesome blog!
following u hun!


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